Daffodil Software Architects Cowbellpedia - the TV Quiz Game Show

Gurgaon, India, June 29, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Having commenced in 2015 as a National quiz contest for junior and senior secondary school students in Nigeria, the Cowbellpedia has gained in popularity and appeal across all age groups.

Head of Marketing, Promasidor Nigeria Limited, makers of Cowbell Milk, and promoter of the competition, felt content accomplishing their aim for "promoting importance for mathematics and science education to achieve brilliance in academic excellence." The show aired on 13 television stations across the country including NTA, TVC and MI TV.

Cowbell has, for over 15 years, been at the forefront of organising mathematics competitions for students in secondary schools in Nigeria. Over the years, the company has recorded unabated success year in, year out on the annual competition hitherto known as Cowbell National Secondary Schools Mathematics Competition (NASSMAC). However, it announced to the public on February 2015 that it was adding a new twist to the concept.

Oladapo Ojo, MD JustMedia Limited, representing Cowbellpedia said, “At that time, we needed an application to serve the game show and wanted real time messaging with proper synchronization. This needed to be done across multiple devices to get accurate response and eliminate data corruption. We wanted an aesthetically appealing interface with utmost accuracy which should focus on active contestant’s system during the switch in rounds.”

Pintu Kumar, Project Manager Daffodil Software, mentioned, “Our team provided them with a solution resolving all their challenges. We built a desktop interface with dynamic data management system and communication channel across a cluster of devices. To keep a secure login, we integrated Biometric login panel and highly intuitive 20 feet display with animation effects.”

Yogesh Agarwal, CEO Daffodil Software, said “The relationship with Cowbellpedia has been sublime. We have also built Android and iOS apps for the same.”

Describing the app that Daffodil has created, Oladapo Ojo said, “It is a multi-level mobile app that allows students to practice Mathematics questions everywhere with a lot of fun.”

Funmilayo Oladapo Ojo, CEO JustMedia Limited, elaborated, “This move is a part of measures to stimulate greater interest by students in Mathematics, which is regarded as the bedrock of science and technology.”

“The show is big success and the app is great,” Funmilayo added, congratulating the Daffodil team on the sedulous and tireless work done by them.
Daffodil Software Ltd.
Sachin Garg