Korenix Applying 4 New Cyber Security Features to Its Latest Products

New Taipei City, Taiwan, July 05, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Korenix has introduced four features on Cyber Security, including DHCP snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI), IP Source Guard (IPSG), and Multi-Level Authentication in order to better protect the data of its customers. The new Cyber Security functions are applied to most of Korenix latest products such as Industrial Ethernet Switch JetNet 7852G-4XG, JetNet 7850G-2XG, JetNet 6852G, and will be applied to future ones.

-DHCP Snooping is used to improve the security of a DHCP infrastructure. It acts as a firewall between DHCP clients and DHCP server to ensure clients obtain IP from authorized server, and it can prevent DHCP attacks or mistakes.
-Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) inspects ARP packets, can prevent from ARP spoofing and ARP cache poisoning attacks, validate ARP packets, and discard invalid IP-to-MAC address bindings according to DHCP snooping or static DHCP binding, keep the MAC table correct.
-IP Source Guard (IPSG) can prevent IP address spoofing, validate incoming packets, and drop whose IP addresses that are spoofed.
-Multi-Level Authentication supports up to five users with two default accounts- admin and guest. It supports ‘Read-Only’ and ‘Read/Write’ access mode as well as encrypted password.

“There is no end to Security, no matter wired or wireless,” said Korenix product manager, “We need to think ahead of our customers, provide them with not only the products they need right away, but also the ones they will need in the future. And the JetNet 7852G-4XG, JetNet 7850G-2XG, and JetNet 6852G achieve our preliminary goal to provide products with high bandwidth transmission under truly secured environment.”

Following the bandwagon of Cyber Security, Korenix is confident to provide its customers with the most secure and stable solutions by applying its new Cyber Security features into its current and future products.

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