Extor Launches Professional SEO Services

Dhaka, Bangladesh, July 10, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Dhaka, Bangladesh-based Extor has announced the launch of their professional SEO services. Extor is an internet marketing company that provides marketing services to businesses around the world. Kazi Jakaria, cofounder of the company, says, "We know that clients will find our methods effective, even when other companies have failed."

Jakaria has more than 10 years of experience in the computer industry, with proven work ability for multi-million dollar companies. His experience includes certification in SEO, PPC, and SEM, as well as 3D animation, web development, and visual effects.

Extor offers a number of SEO services, including a link building package that Jakaria says will help businesses to see greater returns on their investment. He states that many companies are not aware of how important link building is, and that the strategies used by Extor have been proven effective at finding quality, organic links to increase search engine ranking and drive traffic to websites. Jakaria explains that search engines consider sites linking to the site as a vote of confidence so this can improve ranking.

"We have spent years perfecting our craft," points out Jakaria. "This is how we know without a doubt that these methods work, and they work well."

In addition, the company will be providing social media marketing that can help online and offline businesses to increase their customer base. Jakaria states that social media marketing is one of the main ways today to draw attention to a business or brand, and that many companies are not fully utilizing this concept. Extor will be providing global companies with social media services to help them create a strong online presence.

Extor offers a number of other services as well, all designed to help businesses increase their customer base and ultimately, their income. Jakaria states that they have experience in a wide range of business marketing topics, and that they can assist companies of all sizes and industries to increase awareness.

Businesses interested in learning more about the new range of services that the company will be offering can visit them on their official website. Extor also provides a blog that gives information to companies about SEO and various other strategies for increasing their bottom line.
Kazi Jakaria