The Golf Ball Club is Revolutionizing the Golf Market One Ball at a Time

The Golf Ball Club is Reinventing the Way People Buy Golf Balls by Launching the First Ever Online Golf Ball Subscription Service.

San Fransisco, CA, July 15, 2016 --( The golf retail industry has remained pretty much the same ever since golfers wore knickerbockers, and used drivers made out of actual wood. It is long over-due for a disruption like the hotel industry experienced when AirBnB went viral. The number one thing that will never change in the golf market however is the ongoing need for balls. Not just the kind that give you the confidence to hit a golf ball 200 yards over water, but the kind of balls that improve your golf game by reacting consistently on drives and greens. The Golf Ball Club is revolutionizing the way people purchase golf balls, and putting the purchasing power back in the hands of consumers.

Every golfer knows 'that' guy. The guy who borrows a bunch of golf balls from the players around him, or spends what feels like hours searching in bushes and water hazards only to find a mud stained, half chewed, driving range ball that should have stayed lost.

"I can't tell you how many times I've looked in my golf bag the night before a round, or on the first tee, only to realize I don't have any or enough golf balls to use for my round," said Jared Kahn, Golf Ball Club Inc. Director of Marketing. "Even worse is what follows; making those annoying emergency trips to local golf retailers, or paying for over-priced golf balls in the golf course clubhouse. I knew there had to be a better way."

Just in time for the holiday season, The Golf Ball Club can help you, or anyone you know, avoid being 'that' guy. They deliver brand new high quality golf balls directly to your door on a monthly basis. You have the choice of premium or super premium golf balls, as well as the number of sleeves you would like to receive each month. It's simple, quick, and ultra-convenient.

Members of The Golf Ball Club never have to worry about refilling on their favorite golf balls. If you're the kind of person who likes variety, you can also try out their curated golf balls to see what’s popular on tour, and what works well for your game.

Allowing golfers everywhere to focus on the most important part of golf, the next shot.

So what's the catch? Well, in order to make this golf innovation happen the guys at the Golf Ball Club need your help. Premium and super premium golf balls are highly engineered and well manufactured, making them expensive. In order to guarantee their customers the best value for their money, The Golf Ball Club needs to buy the balls in large bulk amounts. In response to this, they are taking pre-orders on an IndieGoGo campaign. The larger the order, the better their prices will be. You can help by visiting The Golf Ball Club at the links below, and supporting or sharing their IndieGoGo campaign:

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