Momma Lynn LLC Opens New Office at SAFECO Plaza in Seattle, Washington

Poulsbo, WA, July 17, 2016 --( Momma Lynn LLC, a group of music related businesses headquartered on the Kitsap Peninsula in Poulsbo, Washington, announces it has opened a new office at SAFECO Plaza in Seattle, Washington. The core businesses: Momma Lynn Records, Momma Lynn Publishing, and Momma Lynn Management, serve the music community of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Momma Lynn Founder and CEO, Michael Decker says, “We are primarily focused on creating opportunities for bands and artists in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to bring awareness to not only the awesome musicians in this area, but to the music industry infrastructure that supports our Music Scene.”

Decker also said that “There are so many bands and artists that just need the opportunity to shine. We help them with various aspects of the business side of their music, allowing them to free up their creative energy and focus on their craft. Establishing an office in Seattle, gets us closer to our clients who live in Seattle and also the vibrant music community in the city.”

In April 2016, Momma Lynn Records released their 14-band and artist music compilation entitled One Take: Pacific Northwest, recorded at the world famous London Bridge Studio with renowned Producer and Engineer Jonathan Plum. National and International physical distribution through Symphonic Distribution and available digitally through all the normal digital outlets.

Momma Lynn will be releasing two other albums this year recorded at Studio Sage in Edmonds, Washington. “Tim Sage has a brand new state of the art studio over in Edmonds and has worked with us on two other albums. Look for albums by Momma Lynn Recording artists, Ravages of Time and John Kingsley,” said Decker. “It amazes me the quality of work going on around here and the abundance of quality studios.”
Momma Lynn LLC
Michael L. Decker
(360) 689-3580