New Book by Dr. Maloney Shows Zika Babies Damaged by Viral Co-infections

A New Book, "The Bare Essentials of Zika Virus" by Dr. Christopher Maloney, N.D. makes the claim that Zika doesn't cause microcephaly and isn't spread by mosquitoes. Dr. Maloney shows that fifty years of research supports human spread and that a co-infection with dengue virus causes the birth defect.

Augusta, ME, July 19, 2016 --( "The Bare Essentials of Zika Virus"

Doctor tries to prevent unnecessary abortions.

A Maine Naturopathic Doctor has written "The Bare Essentials of Zika Virus" to explain that co-infections, not Zika alone, are the cause of microcephaly.

Diagnosed with colon cancer last October, Dr. Christopher Maloney, N.D., has dedicated himself to making a difference in the world.

“There’s nothing out there explaining that microcephaly is not just caused by Zika,” Dr. Maloney noted. “We’re terrifying mothers and doubling the abortion rate in some countries.”

Dr. Maloney wanted to simplify the medical literature for Zika victims. “When you’re terrified of your child dying, you don’t want to read a long book full of statistics. My goal is to give mothers a basic explanation that will keep them safe. If they can tell me what they need to do in a minute or less, then my book has been a success.”

Prior to his diagnosis, Dr. Christopher Maloney was in family practice in Augusta, Maine for over a decade. He received his Naturopathic Medical degree from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and his diploma of Premedical studies from Harvard University.

“As a Naturopathic Doctor, I spent hours researching individual cases,” Dr. Maloney relates. “Zika is fascinating because we’ve ignored it for decades. Even now official reports don’t mention outbreaks in the 1950’s and 1970’s. It’s like it didn’t exist. But the reality is that it has been circulating for fifty years outside of Africa, and that we do have a research framework for how and why it’s causing birth defects.”

"The Bare Essentials of Zika Virus" is on sale electronically from Amazon and Kindle. It is in the process of being translated into Portuguese.

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