Learningonline.xyz partners with Eton Institute to Add Virtual ILT to Its Online Courses

Virtual Instructor-Led Training will make the experience of learning online more efficient and far more fun as Learningonline.xyz teams up with the reputable Eton Institute to provide synchronous VILT.

Cupertino, CA, July 20, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The Training Industry defines Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) as ‘training that is delivered in a virtual or stimulated environment, or when the instructor and learner are in separate locations’. It is conducted using an online tool and allows for a two-way interaction between the teacher and the learner.

E-learning is a growing and effective method to deliver training and learning; 72% of 600 firms surveyed by Towards Maturity Benchmark Survey stated that e-learning and training helped the businesses adapt to change faster. VILT is advantageous to the individual (and a firm) in many ways; cost effective and time effective being the top benefits. According to IOMA (2002), firms save approximately 50-70% when traditional learning and training is replaced with e-learning methods. Moreover, it encourages individuals to take up learning as attending classes has never been easier.

Learningonline.xyz will partner with Eton Institute to provide VILT with certified trainers in a synchronous manner, thus ensuring the one-on-one learning between the learner and trainer remains, all while providing the traditional classroom facilities of a discussion, question-answer time etc. As the online courses provided by learningonline.xyz acquire VILT, its users will have the benefit of working and learning with a trainer while they also learn in their own time using videos, games, quizzes etc., achieving a more personalized and competent learning experience.

Sue Brett, CEO of Learningonline.xyz, commented that, “Partnering with Eton Institute to provide Virtual Instructor-Led Training is a well-thought out decision, keeping the needs of the learners as a priority. VILT not only adds a unique dimension to the experience of e-learning, it also enables learners to go in depth for their particular course and get their questions answered there and then to achieve continuous stimulation while learning. And, of course, the benefit of learning at their own pace and in the comfort of their home or workplace will be just as present.”

Learningonline.xyz is giving people the chance to learn using the aspects of modern technology, such as videos, games and quizzes, while ensuring that the proficiency of a traditional classroom is still present by adding the knowledge and expertise of a certified teacher or trainer. Learning has never been this convenient and lucrative, start a course today.

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