Backyard Breeder Gone Terribly Wrong

Backyard breeder dies with no plan for future care of animals. 22 dogs rescued from squalor and neglect.

Cedar Bluff, AL, July 21, 2016 --( Cherokee Humane Society, Inc. has announced it has rescued 22 dogs from squalor and neglect. A backyard breeder dies with no plan for future care of the animals. The shih tzus, schnauzers, brussels griffons, and affenpinschers were living in filthy, overgrown pens with no clean water and little food.

"The Cherokee Humane Society was notified of a backyard breeder who had recently died and no one was properly caring for the dogs on the property," said Rebecca Watson, president, board of directors. "Once the volunteers witnessed the living conditions that these dogs were under, the volunteers could not leave these poor dogs behind. After contacting the relatives of the deceased, the dogs were relinquished over to the Cherokee Humane Society's care. A team of volunteers and veterinarian staff assessed the dogs' and determined 11 dogs were heartworm positive, four have thyroid issues, two are pregnant, and one was blind. Their coats so matted and covered in feces, they could barely see or walk. Their skin is covered in mange and other infections. All need to be spay/neutered, treated for extreme flea and tick infestations, and have dental work completed." The Cherokee Humane Society is asking the public to help with costs of treating these animals to get them adoption-ready.

If the public is interested in donating, please go to our website, or mail a donation to 5015 Alabama Hwy. 9, Cedar Bluff, AL 35959.

The Cherokee Humane Society, Inc. is a limited in-take rescue run by volunteers and private donations serving the Cherokee County, Alabama area. Our mission is to save as many animals as possible through adoption and our spay/neuter program.
Cherokee Humane Society, Inc.
Rebecca Watson