Burrard Physiotherapy Present a Full Suite of Concussion Therapy

Vancouver, Canada, July 22, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Vancouver, BC therapy leaders Burrard Physiotherapy are now offering the local area’s leading concussion therapy services. Included within the clinic’s service suite are options such as comprehensive baseline testing and customized therapy treatment designed to help stop the symptoms of concussion, including dizziness and decreased balance. It’s a dynamic approach to concussion therapy that can help assure a full recovery for visiting patients.

When a person suffers a concussion at work or on the sport’s field, it’s important they they’re transported to a concussion specialist at the earliest opportunity. After consulting with their physician to determine if there are any immediate medical concerns, they can then work with a qualified physiotherapist to ensure a full recovery from the damage caused by their concussion. The physiotherapists at Burrard Physiotherapy are clear leaders within the concussion therapy field.

The therapy process begins with imPACT testing to determine the extent of the concussion and cognitive performance. The physiotherapist will also take a detailed medical history at this time, as well as perform a physiotherapy assessment of the injury. Once the analysis work has been completed, they will guide patients on how to treat their condition. They will make a plan for subsequent physiotherapy service visits and provide the patient with information on when they can return to work and sporting activities. They may also advise the patient to take on manual therapies with the clinic to treat associated injuries such as whiplash. It’s a comprehensive service designed to help patients maintain their safety and health after a concussion.

To learn more on the concussion therapy offered through Burrard Physiotherapy, please call their team today at 604 684 1640 or visit their business website at www.burrardphysiotherapy.com.
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Kerry Maxwell