Achieve the Ideal Sports Therapy Program for Injury Recovery Through Vancouver-Based Burrard Physiotherapy

Vancouver, BC-based physiotherapists, Burrard Physiotherapy are now inviting patients to review their comprehensive sports therapy program. The company offers access to physiotherapists with experience in advanced sports injury management and orthopedics to help address injury challenges and build... - September 03, 2016

Burrard Physiotherapy Present a Full Suite of Concussion Therapy

Vancouver, BC therapy leaders Burrard Physiotherapy are now offering the local area’s leading concussion therapy services. Included within the clinic’s service suite are options such as comprehensive baseline testing and customized therapy treatment designed to help stop the symptoms of... - July 22, 2016

Vancouver Back Pain Therapy Therapists Burrard Physiotherapy Offer a Complete Sports Therapy Program

Vancouver, BC-based back pain therapy professionals, Burrard Physiotherapy have recently announced they’re now offering a full sports therapy program for athletes suffering from back pain issues. Whether the goal is to treat the overuse of back muscles or achieve rehabilitation for chronic... - June 02, 2016

Vancouver, BC-based Back Pain Specialists Burrard Physiotherapy Offering Active Rehabilitation Services

Local Vancouver, BC-based specialists for back pain therapy, Burrard Physiotherapy are inviting clients from across the region to review their active rehabilitation services. The company is now offering several extended active rehabilitation programs for patients having difficulty restoring optimal... - February 05, 2016

Back Pain Therapy Clinic Burrard Physiotherapy Begins Campaign to Highlight Concussion Myths

Vancouver, BC-based Burrard Physiotherapy has recently announced a new campaign to highlight myths on the subject of concussions. There are many pervasive myths that may lead concussion patients to take the wrong course of action in treating their medical issue. And now the back pain therapy... - January 02, 2016

Burrard Physiotherapy, a Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic, Adopts Sports Training Program

Sports training at Burrard Physiotherapy, leading Vancouver physiotherapy clinic, offer patients a unique path to recovery from injury. These training programs transform the recovery process from a tedious chore to something patients look forward to doing. The key point of difference between a... - April 29, 2015

Burrard Physiotherapy Highlights the Importance of Consent in Physiotherapy Treatment

Whether a physiotherapist is suggesting holistic treatments like acupuncture or scientifically medicinal treatments like sports physiotherapy, it is important that all parties involved provide consent. Burrard Physiotherapy ( suggests that patients who do not know... - August 31, 2014

Burrard Physiotherapy Introduces Real Time Ultrasound to Facilitate Physiotherapy Base Recovery

Equipped with Latest Electrotherapy Machines and Devices, Burrard Aims to Become the Leading Centre for Physiotherapy Vancouver - May 04, 2014

Burrard Physiotherapy Clinic in Vancouver- Reveals the Secret to Kick-Start a Great Day

Burrard Physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver unveiled the secret of kick-starting a great day; a hot cup of tasteful coffee with a morning stretch session. - March 31, 2014

Burrard Physiotherapy’s Winter 2013 Newsletter Now Available

Burrard Physiotherapy clinic of Vancouver is dedicated to providing exceptional care and recovery for their patients. Their team of physio and massage therapists, kinesiologists, yoga and pilates instructors, and support staff are highly trained, having been educated over and above their original degrees. - November 27, 2013

Burrard Physiotherapy Unveils New Website for Clients

With over 150 years combined of experience and over 30 years of service to the Vancouver community, Burrard Physiotherapy is unveiling its new website for clients, making their services more accessible than ever. A staff comprising of 12 expert physiotherapists, 1 physiotherapy assistant, 1 RMT, 1... - October 04, 2013

Burrard Physiotherapy Clinic Introduces New Spinal Therapy Treatment Services

The experts at Vancouver-based physiotherapy clinic, Burrard Physiotherpay have just announced the introduction of several new services to their clinic roster. These latest service additions include spinal therapy services, which are designed by leaders within the industry with the goal of ensuring... - September 29, 2013

Burrard Physiotherapy Announces Physiotherapy Treatment in Vancouver for Back Pain

Burrard Physiotherapy clinic has announced effective results of low back pain relief with physiotherapy treatment in Vancouver. Back pain is a very common condition. Studies have indicated that 85% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. In most cases low back pain can be... - September 07, 2013

Achieve Professional Rehabilitation for Ankle Sprains at Burrard Physiotherapy Clinic

Vancouver, BC-based massage therapy clinic Burrard Physiotherapy is now offering assessment and treatment services for clients with ankle sprains at their cutting-edge facility. In treating ankle sprains, the clinic’s highly qualified staff will first assess and diagnose the severity of the... - July 31, 2013

Relieve Constant Pain with Deep Tissue Massage Treatment Services Offered by Vancouver-Based Burrard Physiotherapy

Leading Vancouver-based physiotherapy treatment provider Burrard Physiotherapy has announced a new addition to its suite clinic-based services. The organization is now providing deep tissue massage services to help clients relieve chronically tense muscles and reduce neck and back tightness in the... - June 28, 2013

Vancouver Massage Therapy Experts Burrard Physiotherapy Offer Joint Mobilization Treatment

Vancouver-based leaders for a distinct range of innovative massage therapy treatments, Burrard Physiotherapy has announced that they now offer extensive joint mobilization treatment services. This type of treatment targets the synovial joint with the objective of achieving a therapeutic effect that releases joint tension and allows for full freedom of movement. - June 01, 2013

Vancouver Based Burrard Physiotherapy Now Offering Functional Capacity Evaluation Services

Vancouver-based Burrard Physiotherapy has announced that they’re offering clients direct access to Functional Capacity Evaluation Services. This service is designed to provide local clients across Vancouver the opportunity to receive a comprehensive capacity assessment from one of the... - April 27, 2013

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