A World in the Clutches of Discrimination: New Novel by Zita Harrison, "Ink - Beneath the Stain," Now Available

San Francisco, CA, July 23, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Zita Harrison’s fictional novel, "Ink – Beneath the Stain" is about the damaging effects of prejudice and discrimination, and the need, now more than ever, for acceptance and love.

In the year 2016, the world remains firmly trapped in the clutches of bias, unable to accept differences, to live and let live. While the progress in technology, science, and society is mind boggling, the human brain has been unable to overcome the primitive instinct for survival at the cost of others. Today this instinct dictates that, in order to attain success in life, forms of our species that vary in appearance, ability, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, political beliefs, and social status be put down, and kept down. From bullying and ostracism in schools to discrimination in society to hostility between countries, it’s all about the need to establish oneself as stronger and more powerful. The effects of these are long lasting, if not permanent. The resulting population of twisted, angry people who are so caught up with indignities, real or imagined, that they cannot get past them to try to find any good in life, is global. They want to blame, to hurt, and to kill.

Just look at the increasing number and frequency of headlines.

Terrorism towards those of different beliefs: “Truck rams Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France, killing at least 84” (Washington Post, Jul 15, 2016).

Physical and psychological abuse of women in third world countries: “Women murdered for 'honour', torched, maimed” (The Express Tribune, Jul 12, 2016).

Mass shootings of both adults and children: “Baton Rouge Shooting Jolts a Nation on Edge” (nytimes.com, July 17, 2016); “Sandy Hook Elementary shooting leaves 28 dead, law enforcement sources say” (washingtonpost.com, Dec 14, 2012).

These headlines are frightening enough individually, let alone together. Is there any doubt that we are, now more than ever, in the grip of a madness caused by prejudice, discrimination, and the need to survive?

"Real progress, to really make a world better than the one in neanderthal days, has to be in the form of acceptance and love. Believing in it, being mindful of it, and practicing it." - Zita Harrison

About the Author: "Ink – Beneath the Stain" is Zita Harrison’s first novel, and a product of who she is. She has lived in many different countries, loves to travel and experience different cultures, and feels very fortunate to be living in California, home to so many different ethnicities. Zita holds an M.A. in English Literature.

For more information about "Ink – Beneath the Stain," please visit www.zitaharrison.com or contact Zita Harrison at 510-794-8691.
Zita Harrison