Announcing the Launch of MyTripKarma - The All-in-One Social Travel Application

A brand new travel application that addresses the pain points of travelers around the world, has been launched. It's called and it's powered by TravelCarma's robust travel technology platform.

Ahmedabad, India, August 02, 2016 --( MyTripKarma ( is a truly social trip planning application, which allows travelers to create, organize, budget and book all their trips on a single page, making the trip planning process smooth, simple and enjoyable.

MyTripKarma utilizes the power of social media to help people plan the perfect trip with their friends and family. With MyTripKarma users can create a trip and invite their friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email to plan the itinerary together. They can also ask their friends and experts for their opinions about your trip via social media, as well as share your own opinions and experiences about trips others are planning.

MyTripKarma can be used to plan all kinds of trips, including vacations, weekends, day trips, business trips or simply a night out. One can add multiple destinations to a trip, along with flights, hotels, restaurants and attractions, all using real time prices to plan the perfect trip. This way, MyTripKarma also acts a great budgeting tool as it can be used to plan one's entire trip expenditure from start to finish, all at a single location, and see exactly how much a trip is going to cost. The budgeting tool is MyTripKarma is unique, in that it allows people on the same trip to create individual budgets. So, if somebody's travelling in a different flight and will be staying in a different type of room than the other members on the trip, they can have their own budget under a common itinerary. MyTripKarma also allows the users flexibility to make own flight and hotel bookings, with real-time fares aggregated from multiple OTAs.

One of the biggest USPs of MyTripKarma is that all pre-trip discussions as well as in-trip photos and videos are stored at a central location and can be viewed and downloaded by all tripmates. Travelers can even share their trip itineraries with their friends and family who are planning a similar trip, and they can use the plan as a template and customize it to make it their own. This saves people a lot of time as they won't have to create a plan from scratch.

MyTripKarma therefore makes travel planning extremely easy for people and saves them a phenomenal amount of time. The team at MyTripKarma are extremely confident of their new venture and expect it to one day become the Facebook of Travel.
Chintan Goswami / Kavita Sharma Khandhadia