Syncdocs Encrypts Google Drive to Prevent DNC-Like Data Leaks

The Democratic Party email leak shows on-line data must be encrypted. Recent high-profile hacks highlight the importance of cloud encryption. Syncdocs encrypts Google Drive fully keeping cloud data secure.

San Jose, CA, July 27, 2016 --( All the emails of the Democratic Party have just been hacked and released on Wikileaks. This has led to much embarrassment and the resignation of the top DNC official. Such hacks show how easy it is for hackers to penetrate security that is only protected by a single level of security.

Data stored on the cloud is data stored on someone else’s computer. When hackers take control of this cloud computer, they can steal all the data on it. End-to-end encryption provides a way to stop this happening, by removing this single point of failure and encrypting data at rest.

End-to-end encryption encrypts data “at rest.” This means that the data is only un-encrypted when used by and authenticated user.

Syncdocs is a tool that provides end-to-end Google Drive encryption. It is already used by thousands of organizations to protect their data. Syncdocs provides essential security for HIPPA compliance, protecting patient data stored on the cloud. It is used by small medical and psychological practices to protect patient records. It is also used by large medical imaging companies to protect huge MRI and CT scan data sets.

“By using Syncdocs, we own the only keys to our Google Drive files,” says George Muller, CIO of Oxios Legal PLC. “That way no unauthorized people can access confidential files.”

Those wanting better online security, or simply wishing to improve Google Drive, can download a free evaluation copy of Syncdocs from
Donald Recsei