Fresh Off Major Collaborations, Halo and NativeLab Deliver One Hell of an Album

Award Winning Producer Release Their Fifth and Sixth Albums This Year

New York, NY, July 29, 2016 --( From the groove shaking excitement of new love to becoming a member of Suicidal Anonymous, ShapeTracer tells a story in much the same way that Mozart's Don Giavonni may have. Pulling from a decade of working with some of the biggest names in entertainment, Halo and NativeLab (as Haunted Echo) deliver one of the most diverse, modern sounding, hard hitting albums of their career.

ShapeTracer and a remix EP, ShapeTracer: Mixed the F#*% Up, have a shared release date of August 5th. The remix EP is the result of a contest hosted by Sony Creative’s Acidplanet community and reimagines the title track in chill, retro, and industrial flavors. These will be the fifth and sixth releases this year on Halo’s record label, Halo Askew Entertainment. Both will be digital releases.

Haunted Echo is an electro-industrial project by Kris 'Halo' Pierce and Elaine Kristin. They have been swimming together in a sea of collaboration for over a decade, including writing original music for multiple installments of Heather Henson's 'Crane' series. (Yes, Jim Henson's daughter)

Kris "Halo" Pierce has appeared on America's Got Talent, programmed for Jennifer Lopez, held the audio helm for Whoopi Goldberg, Cyndi Lauper, and Steve Martin, and was on the team nominated for a Grammy for Common's 'The Corner.' He is a three time 'Best of Manhattan for Entertainment Production' award winner. Elaine Kristin (aka NativeLab) has worked with every single major celebrity under the sun in almost every technical aspect of producing shows. She is a full blooded Apache and an activist for the First Nation people, even performing at the United Nations to support her brothers and sisters.

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