Murphy Distributors Welcomes Salute Vodka - The All-American Vodka to Its Exclusive Distribution List

New Haven, CT, July 30, 2016 --( Murphy Distributors announced today it has obtained the exclusive distribution rights to Salute American Premium Vodka for the State of Connecticut. Salute Vodka is 100% American-made with corn and wheat grains from America's heartland.

"We are proud to add Salute American Vodka to our elite distribution portfolio and introduce Connecticut to this exceptional spirit," said Matthew Murphy, president and founder of Murphy Distributors.

Salute Vodka's story is a story that belongs to America's Veterans, and everyone who supports them.

"Spirits with Soul" are the words that are stamped on every bottle of Salute. The company's belief is in creating outstanding products made entirely in America that help improve American Veterans’ lives.

"Murphy Distributors applauds and supports Salute Vodka for their tireless mission of helping American Veterans transition from military to civilian life. To accomplish this, Salute Vodka donates one dollar of every bottle sold to fund select veteran' charities and specific projects benefiting American servicemen and women. Not just when they have excess in profits - they have made a lifetime commitment for every bottle sold," said Murphy.

Salute American Premium Vodka displays a Made in USA Certified Seal assuring that it has been made entirely in the U.S. right down to the packaging. Qualifying for the USA-C™ Seal consists of a rigorous auditing and certification process, and the product assembly must use American labor and comply with all US safety standards and labor laws.

Displaying this seal not only says Salute American is committed to creating American jobs and helping the economy; it’s a powerful message for consumers as well.

"Salute Vodka shares our passion for thinking outside the box and supporting Americans and the people who continue to make our country safe - our Veterans. In an era of outsourcing, it’s critical that we make a conscious effort to support products and service providers who employ and support the American workforce. This grass roots display of support of giving back is an essential element of true success," Murphy added.

"In addition to being a philanthropic brand, Salute Vodka is an exceptional, high quality vodka, distilled four times for a smooth, clean taste. It works well alone on the rocks or mixes nicely with others."

A great summer drink featuring Salute Vodka - The Salute Sparkler
1.5 oz of Salute American Vodka
3/4 oz of Triple Sec
1 oz of Cranberry juice
1 oz of Lemonade
1/2 Lime Wedge
Splash of Soda Water

Fill a martini shaker with ice. Add Salute American Vodka and other ingredients. Squeeze the lime wedge into the shaker and drop in. Shake vigorously for 15 seconds and strain into a martini glass. Add the splash of soda water on top. Garnish with an orange slice, lime wedge and a cherry.

"Salute American Vodka is synonymous with our rapidly developing reputation to raise awareness for premium brands in the Connecticut market and support the local community," Murphy said. "We are currently delivering to retailers and restaurants throughout the State of Connecticut. Each bottle sold helps American Vets, the American economy and American people through employment."

Please ask your local retailer if they carry Salute American Vodka. For more information and a complete list of current retail outlets, contact Murphy Distributors 203-483-3100 or email at
Murphy Distributors
Lynn DeJoseph