Heritus Marketing Group Announces Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Top quality exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads can now be obtained from Heritus Marketing Group. These leads contain details of business owners who have a high credit card sales volume on a daily basis. Heritus makes sure these leads are genuinely interested in borrowing merchant cash advances before transferring them to their clients.

New York, NY, July 31, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Heritus Marketing Group has been providing leads to its clients since two years now. These leads include solar leads, auto warranty leads, auto insurance leads, home security leads, loan modification live leads, debt settlement live transfers, reverse post leads, mortgage live transfers, mortgage post leads and real time leads for various businesses. With Merchant Cash Advance Leads, Heritus aims to get into serving a totally new niche of businesses.

Heritus has a dedicated team that puts in efforts to understand the exact specifications, requirements and goals of the clients. Apart from aged media sources, aged internet sources and public records, Heritus also uses online questionnaires to generate leads for clients who offer merchant cash advances. These leads will then be filtered based on their specifications, to make sure the clients get exactly what they want.

“By Cold calling and telemarketing, sales people end up spending a lot of their time on prospecting customers who are just not interested in getting merchant cash advances,” says Himanshu Tripathi, the founder and promoter of Heritus Marketing Group. “The same time can be used profitably by contacting the active Merchant Cash Advance Live Leads that we provide. These leads have high chances of qualifying into sales.”

Heritus can provide a constant stream of pre-verified leads that are genuinely interested in merchant cash advances. This can help sales persons save their time on prospecting and focus more on selling. There are little chances that these leads would be frustrated when contacted by the sales team, provided they do so as soon as they receive the leads from Heritus.

Based on the specifications given by the client, the team at Heritus comes up with a list of questions. The answers to these questions will be provided by the potential clients who would be called by well-trained and talented telemarketers of Heritus. It is these answers that let Heritus know whether or not the potential clients match the specifications of the client. If they do, the Merchant Cash Advance Live Leads get immediately transferred to the client.

“It is our endeavor to make sure we offer our clients, Merchant Cash Advance Live Leads Transfers that are exclusive, genuine and thoroughly verified,” says Jacob Moore, Marketing Manager at Heritus Marketing Group. “The faster the client contacts these leads, the more likely it is that they will convert. The marketing strategy that they use becomes very crucial here.”

The best thing about merchant cash advances is that these are not like traditional loans that have fixed monthly payments to make. They work in a very different way. They are meant for businesses such as retail stores and restaurants that have high volume of credit card sales on a daily basis. A fixed percentage of the credit/debit card sales get automatically credited to the lender’s account as soon as the card is swiped. The borrower need not write a check or deposit amount in an account.

Merchant cash advances can be used by businesses to meet their day to day expenses, to expand their businesses, to shift to bigger premises or to make any kind of renovations to the existing premises. Moreover the cash will be available in less than three working days that makes it very convenient for the businesses. Credit history does not matter when it comes to Merchant Cash Advances. A history of credit card receipts is what most lenders ask for, before giving these advances.

“Since merchant cash advances are based on credit card sales, we make sure we offer the exact sales volume of the lead,” says Jeff Soderstorm, Business Development Manager at Heritus Marketing Group. “We understand how important it is to analyze the risk factor prior to lending such money. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients and to do this, we have to ensure our clients profit from the Merchant Cash Advance Live Leads Transfers that we offer them.”
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