ProHCM Holdings, LLC Launches New Model of a National Human Capital Management Technology and Services Center

New model leverages marketing leading technologies to help employers simplify HR while empowering employees.

Wrentham, MA, August 01, 2016 --( ProHCM Holdings, LLC announces the launch of a unique national Human Capital Management Technology and Services Center that is focused on not only helping employers to level the HR playing field by making best in class resources available to them regardless of size, but creating an overall better world in HR that will keep employee well-being at its forefront. ProHCM leverages market-leading Human Capital Management technologies, combined with centralized and local services, to deliver better outcomes in HR for the benefit of both employers and employees. From automating processes to controlling costs to expanding employee self-service, ProHCM streamlines the delivery of HR, benefits, and payroll, allowing employers to prioritize what is most important - the health and happiness of those that work hard for them every day.

“There are new technologies and services available to make HR great and really change the way employers engage employees,” says Joe Markland CEO of ProHCM. “The problem is that the current vendor market that delivers HR technology to employers is complex, disjointed and often in conflict with the direction many employers want to go. Most employers don’t have the capacity in HR to manage this complexity. As a result, employers don’t get the outcomes they need, and employees don’t have access to the information they want where and when they need it.”

The HR environment is becoming more challenging due to new technologies, new laws, increasing health care costs, and a rapidly changing workforce, leaving the majority of HR departments feeling overwhelmed. This results in operational inefficiencies, compliance issues, and a failure to properly leverage technology to get the desired outcomes. ProHCM cost-effectively helps employers simplify the complex by delivering a structured and highly functional HR ecosystem.

“The average employer is working with anywhere from 10 – 20 different vendors who provide some product or service to manage HR for the benefit of employees,” says Shaun Dolan, a ProHCM benefits partner. “The problem is that these vendors are all disconnected. It is like having the best musicians in the world on the same stage, but if they don’t play the same song, you get a bad result.” ProHCM helps employers manage all the moving parts so that they work seamlessly together and employers get the results they desire.

The ProHCM Service Center staff consists of industry experts with a wide range of experience, including HR Consultants, workforce optimization experts, benefits advisors, HCM technology professionals, consultants, and employment law attorneys. ProHCM provides services around market-leading technology vendors, including ADP, Kronos, Ultimate Software, and more. Local service is provided by ProHCM HR and Benefits Consulting Partners. Offices are now located in more than 50 markets across the U.S. with an expectation of coverage in 100 markets by the end of 2016.

About ProHCM
ProHCM Holdings, LLC ( is a human capital management technology and services company that is focused on creating a better world in HR by combining market-leading technology and centralized human capital management services from experts, delivered through local HR and Benefits Consulting Partners. Realizing the importance of employee well-being, ProHCM strives to help employers prioritize the health and happiness of their employees by simplifying the HR process.
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