Has Published a Book by a Scientist Who Can Predict Where Police Violence Will Occur

The book is titled: "Police Violence: Understanding its Basic History, Causal Origins, Health Consequences, and Prevention Strategies." The book was released July 13, 2016.

New York, NY, August 01, 2016 --( Public Health Scientist, Benedict Emesowum has figured it out. He says that being able to predict where police violence occurs can help the government intervene before any incident that captures media attention occurs. His book titled "Police Violence: Understanding its Basic History, Causal Origins, health Consequences, and Prevention Strategies" was published on on July 13, 2016 and is now available on major retailer websites like and Barnes & Noble.

This book can help facilitate understanding and quell the racial tension and reactive violence against the police. Benedict says that for many decades Americans have seen police violence on the news, social media, talk shows but could not figure how to permanently solve the police violence crisis. Well, we can wait and search no further for answers. After seeing children like Tamir Rice and Trayvon Martin killed by police or security, or even professionals like Charles Kinsey, a behavioral therapist who did many things right, shot by police, we hope this book offers information the government can use to solve the problem.

This book has been released and will help parents, politicians, mayors, and police chiefs figure out why this problem exists and how to solve it. Anyone who wants to help with police violence can use this book as a guide to that end. The e-book version will be released in August 2016. The e-book uniquely comes with video references too.

Benedict Emesowum who holds degrees in degrees in public health, psychology, and biotechnology stated that, "Power corrupts, and absolute power will absolutely corrupt the police. The American Founders understood the importance of limiting government’s power, thereby putting in place balances and checks to achieve it. The police have a lot of power: as you walk or drive, they can stop, detain, arrest, assault, vandalize, and even kill you with impunity. With the vast resources at the command of the police, it’s easy to see how even a humble person can become intoxicated with the powers granted the police. Police Violence outlines the origins of the police, and how those origins, certain behaviors, and other factors explain the deaths of people like Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Samuel Dubose, Walter Scott and many others. The U.S. media has extensively reported police violence, but analysts have offered little information on why it happens or ideas for prevention. This groundbreaking book even helps government official predict or identify where police violence may exist and facilitate proactive interventions and prevention."
Police Violence Book
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