Leaders of the Forest Products Industry Gather to Discuss the Outlook for Pulp & Paper in a Changing Global Climate

Miami, FL, January 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Leaders of the forest products industry gather to discuss the outlook for pulp & paper in a changing global climate.

The growth and prosperity of the world’s $400 billion a year forest-based pulp and paper business is increasingly being driven by the changing global climate, according to Brian McClay, Principal of TerraChoice Market Service Inc, a Montreal-based competitive intelligence consultancy. Changes are being driven by the increasing weather-related reductions in wood supply, by competition for wood for bio-energy end-uses, and also by the huge shifts in the global business climate as pulp and paper demand and supply soar in emerging markets like China, India, Brazil and Russia while shrinking in the developed economies of North America and Europe.

At the same time, marketplace demand for Environmentally Preferable Paper is close to reaching a critical mass, motivating more producers to compete against one another based on their products’ environmental performance. That, in turn, has created the rapidly growing new business of measuring and reporting companies’ environmental performance, a business that is bubbling with activity and controversy.

Paper and paper-based packaging are also starting to compete on environmental grounds with other materials like plastic, where paper’s natural advantages of being made from a renewable and low-carbon resource promises significant growth opportunities. Furthermore, the potential for wood pulp producers to increase their production and sales of bio-energy will create new revenue streams, potentially breathing fresh life into some older mills in the northern hemisphere where many are currently struggling to compete with low-cost supplies from Latin America and Asia.

Many of these emerging challenges and opportunities will be discussed and analysed at the Pulp & Paper Strategies Conference being held on 13-14 February, 2008 at the Doral Golf Resort in Miami, Florida. This two-day event, jointly organised by TerraChoice MSI and Hawkins Wright with the theme – The Outlook for Pulp and Paper in a Changing Global Climate – will bring together leading experts and thinkers from inside and outside the industry, public opinion and expert opinion pollsters and representatives from various areas of the financial community.

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About Hawkins Wright:
Hawkins Wright is an independent British consultancy providing a range of strategic, forecasting, market intelligence and business information services to the international forest products industries. These services include regular multi-client reports and newsletters as well as single-client consultancy assignments covering the full range of marketing and strategic issues. Clients typically include pulp and paper manufacturers, agents and traders, financial institutions, equipment and raw material suppliers, and national, state and provincial governments. Assignments recently undertaken include market feasibility and pre-feasibility studies, diversification and acquisition strategies, and market structure analyses.
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About TerraChoice MSI:
TerraChoice Market Services Inc. is a Competitive Intelligence/Issues Management consultancy that was established in November 1997. It assists clients, mostly in the pulp and paper sector, to improve their understanding of current business conditions and emerging market trends. Areas of particular expertise include: analysis of global pulp and paper markets, environmental labeling and reporting standards & marketplace requirements and international trade policy.
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Brian McClay
TerraChoice Market Services Inc.