Skilled Tradesmen Flood Pangea with Resumes

Houston, TX, August 11, 2016 --( Today, Pangea Enterprises Inc., a project management and subcontracting service provider for the maritime and oil & gas industries, has increased their skilled tradesmen database by concentrating in foreign regions. Receiving resumes from over 3,300 applicants through a recent global recruiting campaign, Pangea’s database of skilled tradesmen has reached an all-time high.

“Our most recent recruitment event has surpassed any of my expectations,” said President and CEO of Pangea Enterprises Inc., Marco Pesquera. “With the skilled labor deficit delaying construction projects across the U.S. we are always looking to build up our reserve of skilled tradesmen to help bridge that gap. I am very proud of the effort our recruiters put in to have the most successful recruitment event in Pangea’s 15 year history.”

Pangea has been building up its database of foreign skilled tradesmen to better combat the diminishing count of domestic skilled workers:

Adding to its already extensive database of skilled workers, Pangea’s applicants include the following trades: welders, fitters, insulators, and painters.
The entire pool of applicants will have to pass Pangea’s screening process before being authorized to even test for one of Pangea’s contracted projects.
The screening process has been proven to be effective by Pangea’s most recent test results: a 95% x-ray pass rate for TIG welding.

Pangea Enterprises Inc.: Pangea is a service provider who specializes in sup­plying project management and subcontracting services to major and independent companies in the maritime and oil & gas industries.
Pangea Enterprises
Josh Ruszkiewicz