Beware of Hypnosis Scams, Says Local Hypnosis Expert

Based on a recent report from the Better Business Bureau, local expert hypnotherapist, Greg Turner, is warning San Diego consumers that many scam artists are promising them the world using hypnosis.

San Diego, CA, January 19, 2008 --( The Better Business Bureau, in a report dated January 7, 2008, says that they are receiving a large number of complaints from consumers, complaining about rip-off hypnosis scam artists who promise the consumer that in one brief hypnosis session he or she can lose weight, stop smoking, or make almost any other personal change that the consumer wants to make.

Greg Turner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and owner of the Center For Faster Healing With Hypnosis says that January is to quick fix hypnotists like New Orleans after Katrina is to scam artists.

He says, “In January, many, many people are full of their New Year's Resolutions and are looking for assistance to make some personal changes. Some people have tried so many things and are feeling desperate for help with their resolutions. January is a perfect time for the scam artists to come out of the woodwork.”

Greg warns consumers to be wary of promises of a quick fix over a definite amount of time. Doctors do not guarantee a cure and lawyers will not guarantee to get a person off and, likewise, no good hypnotherapist will guarantee a quick fix. Getting help with hypnosis is not like taking a broken toaster in to get repaired. Human beings are wonderfully complex individuals and no cookie cutter approach will work for every one. Hypnosis does work to help people lose weight, stop smoking, and help with a whole host of other issues. A good hypnotherapist will use various techniques best suited for the unique individual in the session. Hypnosis is not magic, but it can seem to be magical.

There are reputable hypnotherapists who work through group sessions and they do work for many people. Others will require a more individual approach. Look for a hypnotherapist who is certified by one of the major national hypnosis associations, who works from an office doing the work full time and who is connected to the community.

Greg says, “These quick hypnosis scam artists give the hypnosis profession a bad name and that is a real shame because it gives people the wrong idea about hypnosis and it prevents people from getting real help for their problems.”

Source: “BBB Warns Consumers of Weight-Loss Schemes that Only Make Your Wallet Lighter”

Bio: Greg Turner is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and owner of the Center For Faster Healing With Hypnosis with offices in Pacific Beach. In the past he has worked with veterans through Operation Home Front, taught hypnosis skills for local groups, and worked pro-bono with clients who have cancer.

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