R.F. Technologies, Inc. Launching a New Product – LIO, Drive-Thru Listen in Only Audio System

Buffalo Grove, IL, August 17, 2016 --(PR.com)-- R.F. Technologies, Inc, a QSR drive-thru industry leader for over 28 years, is proud to announce their new product, LIOTM -- the revolutionary drive-thru listen in only audio system. RFT’s R&D experts have been working together to create an alternative drive-thru audio system that will revolutionize the QSR industry, and most importantly the drive-thru. LIO, a listening-in-only device will connect more members of the restaurant to the most critical part of the QSR business at a fraction of the cost of traditional 2-way headsets. In addition to being a more economical solution, LIO can lower speed of service times while maximizing customer and employee satisfaction.

Built with HD sound, LIO allows team members to hear orders clearly and accurately, without the need for noisy grill speakers. For anyone who knows drive-thru, this means better order accuracy, improved food cost, and overall gross profit for the business. Combine that with LIO’s ability to connect to any drive-thru system, corporations can see how this is an affordable solution to meet headset mandate needs.

This new device is also expandable; connect up to four belt-packs with the current drive thru system to drastically improve teamwork and productivity all while saving the business time and money. LIO is built with connectivity in mind. With over 300 yards of range users can listen in on the drive-thru from the kitchen all the way to the parking lot.

Not only is LIO a great time and cost saving tool, it is also easy to install and operate. With the slim lightweight belt pack, simple to set up base station, and 3.5mm audio jack, users can begin listening in without technical assistance. LIO will make it easier and more cost effective for QSR restaurants to stay connected to the drive-thru.

Founded in 1989, R. F. Technologies, Inc. is a nationwide leader in drive-thru repair. The company offers a wide range of service and products designed to reduce repair and maintenance costs within the QSR industry. With 24-hour service, free technical support, surveillance, and 1-day repairs RFT is the trusted source when it comes to drive-thru.

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