Acqueon’s LCM 3.4 Enhances Digital Customer Engagement

Dallas, TX, August 22, 2016 --( Acqueon Technologies Inc., a leader in the customer collaboration industry has announced the release of the newest version of its flagship LCM platform, 3.4. LCM has enabled Cisco Contact Center customers to proactively engage their customers and prospects effectively and efficiency with omnichannel outbound capabilities and strategies. This release will increase support to businesses who are establishing or expanding their Digital customer experience through CPaaS services. The release also allows businesses to more easily leverage compliance services. Additionally, Acqueon hosting partners can now benefit from a cloud-optimized architecture, leading to a reduced hardware footprint and streamlined administration. Integration Streamlines Compliance
Acqueon has worked closely with to integrate their highly regarded scrubbing services with LCM. Scrubbing services such as Federal DNC lists, wireless identification, wireless ownership and litigation participant lists are now available. The result is an automated, highly flexible authentication process which allows companies to communicate with their customers via voice and SMS while maintaining compliance with all Federal and State calling rules.

CPaaS Integration with Tropo for SMS Campaigns
With the widespread adoption of communication platform-as-a-service providers, Acqueon elected to integrate LCM with the now Cisco owned Tropo platform. Tropo’s unified API allows developers to build voice and SMS capabilities into applications by leveraging a single platform. This means multi-channel communications capabilities can be programmed into any application without the need to leverage expert telecommunication resources.

The Tropo-LCM integration allows businesses using LCM to subscribe to Tropo services to execute one way and two way SMS campaigns.

Cloud Optimized Architecture
Enhancements in the architecture of LCM 3.4 for Cisco’s HCS platform results in support for more than one ICM instance. Additionally a single core server can support multiple tenants. These changes will streamline administration of a drastically reduced hardware footprint and significantly reduce 3rd party licensing costs such as OS, Database Server, etc. The 3.4 version will also support Service Providers who want the ability to create tenant instances on demand leveraging the same base infrastructure and sharing licenses across tenants.

Speaking of the new 3.4 version of LCM, Ashok Raj, Vice President of Product Management said, “The Digital transformation of customer experience management is vital for any organization given the now ubiquitous use of channels other than voice. LCM plays a significant role in digital customer engagement and proactive communication via a multi-channel strategy. This new version helps businesses build efficient, digital engagement strategies via multiple channels, while remaining compliant with the latest outbound regulations. With 3.4 all of this is now offered via premise and cloud consumption models.”

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