indee Partners with ide Group to Develop Cutting-Edge Cell Therapy Technology

Malvern, PA, August 19, 2016 --( ide Group is pleased to announce that it is partnering with indee to help realise a user-friendly piece of hardware for the development of simple and scalable cell therapy technologies.

indee is a company founded by Ryan Pawell and Matthew Burkhardt that aims to accelerate gene therapy technology. During his PhD at University of NSW, Pawell invented a patent-pending microfluidic chip. The chip serves as a platform technology that could help reverse the effects of illnesses such as cancer, HIV and neurodegenerative disorders.

Cell therapy gained international attention last year when a one-year-old’s cancer was reversed using “designer cells” created using viruses. Yet, the cost of these designer cells means that cell therapy treatment still remains out of reach for the majority of the population. indee hopes that by replacing viruses with a microfluidic chip, the manufacturing costs will be reduced.

“A big problem with these cell therapies is that they are expensive, difficult to manufacture and existing manufacturing processes are unreliable. You can’t really market these therapies if they cost $50,000 to make and a large portion of them fail,” Pawell described.

Pawell and Burkhardt recently demonstrated the technology is clinically relevant, which may lead to significantly lower therapeutic manufacturing costs while maintaining quality and increasing manufacturing scale.

The proposed hardware project in collaboration with ide Group will help simplify the delivery workflow, streamline the process for testing the technology in a laboratory setting and pave the way for future commercialisation of a medical device.

ide Group Managing Director, George Sidis said, “we are very excited to be collaborating with indee on this project to realise a technology that once it becomes a commercial reality, has the potential to change a significant number of lives for the better.”

About indee

indee is an Australian-American biotechnology startup backed by IndieBio and SOSV. indee aims to accelerate gene therapy.

Visit the indee website.

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