Sajeel Khanna, SVP, BluEnt Featured in Edition of Architecture Update, June 2016

In conversation with Prasenjit Chakraborty and Nida Chikte, Architecture Update on Architectural Softwares: Offering Myriad Benefits.

Houston, TX, August 22, 2016 --( Sajeel Khanna, Senior Vice President of BluEntCAD, a leading provider of comprehensive architectural support services for residential communities, retail, hospitality, mixed-use and related specialty developments speaks to Architecture Update on 'Architectural Softwares: Offering Myriad Benefits.'

On being asked about the changes he has observed in the industry in the recent past, Sajeel Khanna talks about the advancement of building technology, and an upswing for newer and improved architectural softwares owing to rise in demand for infrastructure.

"There have been a few interesting developments on this front. One that has caught my attention is the possibility of allowing international architects to participate in projects with tall buildings and skyscrapers. There is a lack of expertise in India. So if that change is on the way in terms of legislation, I believe it will lead to engineering marvels in the country," Sajeel points out.

He comments, "The adoption of architectural software in India, specifically for Indian projects is poor and backward. Still traditional softwares like AutoCAD and line drawing softwares are mostly used in India. However, the scope of implementing software is huge. It results in cost savings, better control on projects, funds being calculated in a better way, timely delivery of projects, and better safety regulations and safety standards of projects as well as people working on multiple projects."

With that being said, on the flip side, Sajeel [Saj] adds, "there are few challenges that need to be addressed when it comes to adopting software. All the project stakeholders need to align themselves to a common goal which is what doesn't happen. As a result, BluEnt caters to the demands of architects, engineers and designers by sourcing, training and setting up the correct team work model so that it will be able to implement larger complicated projects."

He explains that at the end of the say the software or BIM Model we are going to design is only good as the information you feed into it, which means every brick needs to be accounted for the model.

Sajeel points on the hurdles being faced while developing software, and says, "while developing a software, the first hurdle is user acceptance, because they have been used to softwares for a long time and it is very difficult to convince them for a new one."

On a concluding note, he remarks, "the future of softwares in India are likely to be quite specialized and segmented. For example, placing tiles or doing furniture design, the software is different than the one used in designing a building. So we are going with a very niche approach. By tapping different markets and identifying the gaps and shortages in the current resources, BluEnt will bring its expertise to India to package them well for a competitive environment where we can offer things at low and high volumes at competitive prices."

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