Color Me a Happy Cat: a Nifty Ingenious Adult Coloring Book

Tulsa, OK, August 25, 2016 --( A new and creative conception has been materialized in the world of animal art as the universe of cat loving devotees welcome a recently launched adult coloring book. Titled as “Color Me a Happy Cat,” the book is a Kickstarter campaign launched with a sole purpose of spreading awareness about the adoption of cats. With the help of this book, cat lovers will tend to adopt their next cat instead of buying one from a breeder or a pet store. There are millions of cats worldwide that end up in shelters or rescues every year and this book will help those cats find their new home.

The artist and creator of this book Ginger Reynolds is a born artist and art enthusiast and has most certainly created a unique way to express his art and love for one of the most adorable pet worldwide. Color Me a Happy Cat is not only a source of entertainment and art but also combines education and awareness. The book presents images of real, illustrated and adopted cats to be colored and ultimately aims at their rescue at a global scale. “This coloring book combines photos of actual shelter/rescue cats converted to coloring pages and hand drawn cats by me” says Ginger Reynolds, the creator of this coloring book. Moreover, the artist also pledges to continue this inspiring work of animal rescue and awareness by announcing his upcoming project called, “Color Me a Happy Dog.” The artist has also appealed to the people to contribute in this project by sending pictures of their own rescued cats and also by pledging to this book on Kickstarter to play their active role in this noble cause.

About: Color Me a Happy Cat is a project of a US based Artist, Ginger Reynolds who has won several awards on her art work. It is currently a Kickstarter Campaign and once properly funded, the book will be available on Amazon.

Artist Ginger Reynolds
Ginger Reynolds
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