Rayna Gangi Releases Two Books for Election Season

Two books, one about Hillary Clinton and one that spans politics from the fifties to the present.

Buffalo, NY, August 26, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Rayna M. Gangi, now known as Dr. G., the popular podcaster and author, has released two new books for the election season that are turning heads. Through her parent publisher, Earthwalk-usa, Gangi's books are always historically correct, easy to read, and strike a cord in every genre.

"America, It Was Just an Idea" is a chronicle of one person's journey through the personal to political, from WWII to 2016. By weaving a story through political events, presidencies, and her personal experiences, the reader of any age identifies with the process of becoming politically aware and engaged in the process.

"Hillary Clinton in a Nut Shell" is a short book that unravels Clinton's political life through her quotes, scandals, flip-flops and even her health.

Both books are timely and display Dr. Gangi's much admired writing style and poignant approach to her subject.

Gangi's other books include "Mary Jemison-The true Story," "Souls of the Fire," A story of unconditional love, "Forget the Cures, Find the Cause," Books 1 and 2, and "No Matter What," a story of internet love intertwined with the growth of the tea party and family chaos."

Available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Elsa Claverie