IntruGuard Announces on Demand DDos Mitigation Solution

Sunnyvale, CA, January 20, 2008 --( IntruGuard Devices, Inc., the leading DDoS solution provider, today announced release of a compelling solution for large Internet Data Centers that host thousands of websites.

Today’s announcement includes a solution brief that uses IntruGuard’s leading IG200/2000 DDoS mitigation appliances in a way that Internet Data Centers can bring them in-line with attack traffic on-demand and only during attack. The new solution will be a driver for safer and trust-worthy data centers, lowering DDoS mitigation costs.

“Most e-commerce, e-tailers, social networking and web 2.0 sites depend on their Internet Data Center to provide DDoS mitigation while they focus on their core business,” said Hemant Jain, Co-founder and CTO of IntruGuard. “In the recent times, DDoS attacks have grown due to proliferation of BotNets and open source availability of attack tools. Our solution provides a sure-fire way to protect against such threats and meet customer expectation.”

How On-Demand DDoS Mitigation Solution Works

During normal periods, the data center traffic flows through existing infrastructure. When a customer’s website gets attacked, the traffic to that customer is diverted via an IntruGuard appliance. The appliance with its DDoS mitigation capability is able to filter the attack traffic and provide a clean pipe downstream. With its 2 Gbps rated throughput under attack, the appliance can withstand attacks while filtering the traffic.

A brief describing the solution is available at:

List Prices and Availability

IntruGuard on-demand DDoS mitigation solution is immediately available. The solution price starts at USD 6,995 for a small data center and additional models are available for larger data centers. Please contact IntruGuard for additional details.

About IntruGuard

IntruGuard is a leading supplier of Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) Systems for e-tailers, social networking companies, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, Online commerce companies, Internet Gaming companies, Web Hosting Service Providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Data Centers (IDC) and Enterprise Data Centers. These NBA systems provide granular real time network traffic visibility and provide automatic protection against targeted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These systems are vital in network security infrastructure of any service provider or data center network to ensure smooth network operation, full legitimate use of bandwidth and improve network utilization. IntruGuard is a privately held company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Please visit for more information.

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