Chicks Making Flicks Releasing Their Next Short Film "Daughters" as Well as Their First Web Series "Half Way"

A Los Angeles female filmmakers group is making indy waves, doing things their way.

Los Angeles, CA, August 31, 2016 --( Los Angeles is home to many an aspiring actor, screenwriter, director, all who are working toward that goal of making it to the big time. Some dreams come true, while others fall by the wayside, their dreams crushed under their stiletto heel. It takes talent, perseverance, luck, connections and sometimes just being in the right place at the right time. And while it’s tough to wade through the murky and occasional shark-infested waters of Hollywood to be noticed, it can be twice as tough when you’re a woman trying to break into the business. Forget it if you’re a woman over a certain age and occasionally, sometimes size as well, where in sometimes in this town, the powers that be and it’s obsession for youth and heroin-chic thin-ness wants to euthanize you and/or put you out to pasture when you are over thirty and above a size zero.

So what does one do? You either give up on your dreams and get the hell out of dodge, trudge along the muddy embankment hoping for that break, or you can do something about it yourself. Like, say, create your own production company while funding and making your own films.

Chicks Making Flicks is one of those companies. The brainchild of founder, actress and director Harmony Smith – CMF was founded in May 2015 and consists of approximate twenty women, all with various degrees of expertise ranging from editing, producing, acting and writing, and what they don’t know how to do, they learn how to and/or hire and pay crew members. Since their inception, they have already completed three projects.

CMF is currently in post-production on their first short dramedy film, “Daughters,” directed by Harmony Smith and written by Harmony Smith and Ciera Danielle. “Daughters” is a story of family regrets, resentment and forgiveness, as ten siblings gather at their dying father’s home, while finding the courage to forgive him and each other before it’s too late.

Also currently in post-production is the group’s first comedic nine episode web-series titled “Half Way,” written by Tania Penn and Harmony Smith, set to be released later this year. “Half Way” is the story of twelve women trying to survive living together, all which have various degrees of afflictions and personalities that drive the housemother all-the-way-crazy. “Half Way” was directed by Jon Mayfield and stars several Chicks Making Flicks members. YouTube star Travis Bryant makes a cameo as well as soap star Sean Carrigan.

There is no resting for the chicks, however, while those are in post-production, they are currently writing and planning out their upcoming projects, including several features as well as television pilots.

Check out their website,, for merchandise, information on the group, upcoming projects and/or if you would like information on how to donate/help finance their upcoming projects.
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