Aumcore Announces Digital Marketing Services for SMB

Expanding their business model from enterprise solutions to SMB, Aumcore announces Digital Marketing Services for small and medium sized business to leverage their global experience in helping entrepreneurs reach their goals. Motivated by the passion of ideation and innovation, Aumcore hopes to support SMBs by providing the necessary experience and strategy needed for big business results.

New York, NY, September 04, 2016 --( In September 2016, Aumcore (a leading NYC based, global digital marketing agency) announces Digital Marketing Services for small and mid-sized businesses.

Founded in 2010, Aumcore is a company that offers brand strategies in developing a business objective. Their work portfolio features projects and SEO campaigns for small to mid-sized businesses that want to digitally create or improve their business identity. Examples of past services include brand launching for MUN (formerly known as Pharmatex) and QSpex, a prescription lens eyewear company. In both cases, Aumcore has effectively produced both media placement and web development plans to generate successful brand awareness.

Primarily focused on enterprise solutions in the past, Aumcore has announced the addition of services offered for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) to help support the growing community of entrepreneurs in NYC and abroad. Their passion for ideation and innovation drives their motivation to leverage global-brand experience to help take SMB’s to the next level with the media and strategy expertise needed for success.

There are many instances where Aumcore has taken on technological initiatives as well. In conditions where arrangements of digital operations to implement a new platform were made, Aumcore has stepped up to the plate on numerous occasions.

ScriptSave WellRx worked with Aumcore to build a mobile application for their services in helping individuals find discounted prices for pharmaceutical drugs. With an expert understanding of the importance of developing brand accessibility for consumers, the mobile app provides consumers access to ScriptSave’s existing network of 62,000 pharmacies.

The mobile application platform not only showed consumers the price options for prescription medications but also provided them generic recommendations for branded drugs. The app also makes it easier and faster to determine the pharmacy with the lowest price based on geo location. ScriptSave rose to the top of healthcare applications download list with acclaimed reviews.

Aumcore has performed services for brand development outside of the digital strategy as well. Gloveon (a global brand of medical gloves distributed by MUN) came to Aumcore in hopes of expanding their brand into emerging markets.

Aumcore worked with the Gloveon team supporting their Brand launch by creating the market strategy and developing the brand assets from the brand logo and tagline, brand video, product catalog, brochures, and multi-lingual, global website.

As a part of the brand identity, Aumcore designed the product packaging for the different lines of Gloveon products and established a brand guide for future products.

As a company with an established digital and technological footprint, Aumcore specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). To improve their organic search rankings, Knorr, a packaged food company, is one of the brands that worked with Aumcore for an extra push in SEO.

By utilizing their extensive SEO strategies and experiences, Aumcore was able to achieve top organic positions for five core search terms related to Knorr’s customers’ interests. Knorr’s website traffic saw a 250% increase in the US, and a 300% increase in global organic traffic.

Aumcore has also directly worked with small New York based jewelry business lines. In June 2016, Aumcore accepted the challenge of being an SEO guide for jewelers in introducing their brand onto digital platforms. Aumcore gave the companies the full breakdown on the benefits of SEO strategy while implementing their #HealthySEO™ approach.

With supporting offices located in areas of the US, Europe, and Asia, the 360° business model of Aumcore revolves around the eliciting of different levels of inspiration and insight from their global resources.

As the potentials for the digital market continues to grow rapidly, Aumcore has already made their impression on the standard know-hows of platform integration and design execution for enterprise solutions for an array of brands and businesses, and are now expanding their reach, opening services to SMB professionals. Aumcore (with its new headquarters in New York City) has been leveraging digital strategies for retail and service business clients.

With experience in product development and software solutions, Niraj Patpatia, the current Managing Director of Business Development, offers his technological knowledge to facilitate different approaches to creative thinking and innovative consulting for entrepreneurs. His personal drive in expanding business practices to include small and mid-sized business mainly stems from the potentials of a startup.

Niraj Patpatia, explains, “One of the key reasons why we have added a focus on working with small and medium sized businesses and starts ups is their focus on innovation and ideas. Startups need the help in building and foundations, so with our expertise in marketing and technology on an enterprise level, we can effectively help take those ideas to the next level.”

This mindset is a mode of thinking that has inspired other members of the Aumcore team. While brand strategy and SEO tactics are crucial technical skill sets necessary for any digital marketing agency, Aumcore’s creative passion and business initiatives make up most of their key priorities to building a brand.
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