World Oilfield Services Market from $180 Billion (Bn) in 2016 to $244bn in 2020 - Forecast Launch by iData Insights

Unique Insights on the Global Oilfield Services Market with Detailed Estimation, Foretell & Analysis with Expenditure Data, Global Coverage, Industry Perception, Thorough Experience, Periodically Updates and more.

Manhattan, NY, September 08, 2016 --( New quarterly publication, The World Oilfield Services Market Forecast provides unique insight into the global oilfield services (OFS) market. The product delivers historic, current and future drilling, completion & workover expenditure, forecasting 20 common oilfield service lines including rig & crew, cementing, well testing and logging.

With a forecast through to 2020 and utilizing a proprietary methodology, World Oilfield Services Market Forecast provides granular analysis of a market which is expected to steadily increase from $180 billion (bn) in 2016 to $244bn in 2020, after falling 47% over 2014 to 2016 as a result of the oil price crash. The forecast includes a regional assessment of total OFS spending, with additional in-depth analysis of each service line at a national level (country-by-country breakdown of the top 30 country markets for oilfield expenditure). PUB’s detailed service line models include workover, as well as drilling and completion for the onshore & offshore markets, providing unparalleled insight into the OFS sector.

Taking into account the latest macro-economic trends through explicit commodity price inputs to all service line models, PUB’s OFS forecast provides up-to-date analysis of one of the most important and fast moving markets in the oil & gas sector.

Drilling & Production Forecast (D&P) generates the wells drilled forecast which drives PUB’s OFS forecast. D&P is continuously updated, providing detailed hydrocarbon production and drilling data that covers 99% of global production. This established foundation provides a base for the further modelling of footage and drilling days - key drivers of OFS spending.

The Oilfield Services Market Forecast contains:

~ Oilfield services expenditure data - generated in-house using models exclusive to DW; the OFS market forecast utilises DW’s own D&P models for wells drilled, footage and drilling days.
~ Full global coverage - the only product to provide country-by-country analysis of the global OFS market.
~ Detailed analysis - regional overview with data and analysis of historic, current and future OFS spending by service line in the onshore and offshore markets. Service line analysis and data at a regional and national level for the onshore and offshore markets.
~ Industry insight – hundreds of man-hours per quarter of industry consultation to ensure accurate and reliable data inputs. Service line specific insight from industry participants has been provided throughout the report.
~ Comprehensive experience - gained from 25 years of research, the forecast has been developed through exposure to industry-leading M&A engagements including numerous diligence exercises conducted for oilfield services organisations worldwide. This has included opaque or less publicised markets such as China, the Middle East and Russia.
~ Quarterly updates - for the highest level of accuracy, a subscription option is available for quarterly reports. DW’s models are continually updated, allowing for regular updates and detailed knowledge of expected trends in OFS activity.
~ Contact DW for analyst support - through DW’s network of global offices, DW can provide further regional specific information from local analysts.

Global Oilfield Services - Adjustments to Continue Well Into 2016

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