Mr. Aloe Vera: A New Brand of Aloe Leaves in the US Market

Mr. Aloe Vera is a new brand of aloe vera leaves distributed in the US market by Mexican aloe grower Aloe Eco Park.

Nogales, AZ, September 11, 2016 --( Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV (, a leading aloe company from Mexico, is entering the US market of fresh aloe leaves, by selling the brand Mr. Aloe Vera from coast to coast.

The East Coast is the first area to be covered through several distributors, located in New York, Boston and Miami. In the next weeks, shipments will reach the West coast, basically Los Angeles and San Francisco, where a huge population of healthy consumers, Hispanic and Asian communities are loyalty buyers of aloe leaves.

In the coming months, distribution will reach Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, St. Louis, Atlanta, Phoenix and Denver, where Hispanic population demands fresh aloe leaves for consumption.

Aloe leaves are usually bought to be consumed as food -mixed with yogurt, granola or other healthy recipes or just as a beverage, usually as smoothie or just prepared with other fruit juices. Furthermore, some consumers use the aloe leaves to prepare home-made cosmetics and personal care products, such as creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, or just for sunburns or wounds.

Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV owns a large aloe plantation in Sonora state, close to the Arizona border. It is the only aloe plantation in the world with the Internet of Things used to grow the plant. This aloe plantation is a high technology plantation, since it uses GPS, high tech irrigation systems, drone surveillance, a meteorological station and other high tech systems, giving an exceptional output.

This aloe plantation is totally sustainable and managed under a Social responsibility program, assisting indigenous people and women in the South of Sonora state, Mexico.

Mr. Aloe Vera is certified organic under NOP-USDA, European Union Organic Program, IFOAM and Canada COR.

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