innovation for Education sàrl Just Created the Most Immersive Nativity Scene in Augmented Reality: A Live Experience to be Shared with Loved Ones

Christmas AR aims to offer the most beautiful living crib of the Nativity in augmented reality for Christmas 2016. It is primarily a unique visual and emotional experience which brings the spectator to the very heart of this great mystery.

Montgomery, AL, September 14, 2016 --( innovation for Education sàrl was created with the mission to use innovation to make Education fun and accessible to all.

For Christmas AR, its first project, many hours were invested in historical research and development in order to create authentic characters.

As a privileged witness, the users will be able to contemplate Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the donkey and the ox come alive in the crib. People who have had the opportunity to see the prototype were amazed and seized by clear emotion.

Why this project? They want to give testimony to the beauty of this event with a new emotion. They also want people, young and old, to discover or re-discover the origins of Christmas, using cutting-edge digital technology: Augmented Reality.

What is Augmented Reality? This technology (also used in the game Pokemon Go) makes it possible to merge a digital world with the real world.

How does it work? Thanks to an application installed on your smartphone (or tablet), you will see, by scanning a specific image, a beautiful Nativity scene, come to life in front of you, as if you were there. This specific image, called "marker," serves as a password and allows your phone to run the application.

Funding: Drawing, printing, storing and distributing internationally these paper supports is very expensive. For this reason, they have started a fundraising campaign (crowdfunding) on the Kickstarter website which will last for 30 days. Here is the link:

By following this link, readers will see videos and images of the work already done and the details of the project.

Here is a video of the two creators, Cyril Wannaz and Frédéric Gay, explaining what it, why they did it and how everyone can support them.
innovation for Education sàrl
Cyril Wannaz
innovation for Education sàrl is a Swiss company that was created by Cyril Wannaz and Frédéric Gay in 2016.

i4E’s mission is to use innovation to make Education fun and accessible to all.