Acclaimed Artist, Rosie Hartmann, Shocks Readers with Her Memoir

From the prevention of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society, to the widespread disillusionment, to the subsequent draft riots, the Vietnam War was and is a major part of United States History. The Vietnam War had such a large hand in the culture of the United States that any insight we can glean about it is incredibly valuable. Here to cast a new light on the Vietnam War, while keeping the lighthearted tone promised by the title, is artist Rosie Hartmann and the touching story.

Milwaukee, WI, September 14, 2016 --( "Cheese Curls In Vietnam" starts off informing readers of the unending cheese curl debate between puffy and crunchy alongside needed essays for contextualizing the story. In this background section, readers will become familiar with Agent Orange, the Tet Offensive, and Rosie’s family. Next comes the trip and the return with enthralling reflection and anecdotes throughout. By the end of the memoir, readers will have learned from the Vietnamese culture, understood the impact of the war itself, hold new stances on today’s politically pressing issues. The originality alone of Rosie’s reflections is ample reason to give this transformative book a read.

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About The Author
Rosie Hartmann is the author of "Cheese Curls In Vietnam," a passionate photographer, and a talented acrylic artist. She was born in 1974 in Milwaukee, WI. From there she took great interest in photography, even taking photography walks with her dad, another budding photographer. She soon found an urge to work in other art forms. Today Rosie is a speaker, contributor, and advocate on the topics of art and self-awareness.

Rosie also volunteers with the Wisconsin Visual Arts Board in between creative endeavors and adventures.

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Rosie Hartmann