Hack and Slash Adventure, Never Ending Nights: Knight’s Saga Launches on Steam (PC)

Los Angeles, CA, September 14, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Dot Dream Studios, LLC is pleased to announce that hack and slash, adventure indie game Never Ending Nights: Knight’s Saga, is launching on Steam (PC) for $9.99 USD on September 13, 2016. Purchasing the game will come with a copy of their story-based platformer game, Never Ending Nights.

About Never Ending Nights: Knight’s Saga

Knight’s Saga is a fast-paced 2D hack and slash game that puts the player in the body of a Knight. The player can explore this metallic world and liberate the citizens from the tyranny of the main antagonist, Sarks, and her allies.

Explore a beautiful mysterious world

Venture through a visually stunning dark and mysterious world that is overrun with mechanical monstrosities called Constructs.

Collect powerful weapons and gear

Along the way, players will also collect several weapons and armors that modify their knight. These weapons and armors will make it possible to kill the variety of enemies dispersed along the world.

Never Ending Nights: Knight’s Saga will be available for purchase on Steam (PC):


Learn more about Never Ending Nights: Knight’s Saga: http://www.nengame.com/

About Dot Dream

Dot Dream Studios, LLC is an independent developer of desktop, console, and mobile games. We focus primarily on finding the perfect meld between simple artstyle, involving game mechanic, and complex emotional music.
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