Rocket App Builder Launches New Website and App Store

Rocket App Builder Launches a new Android based App Market. Rocket App Builder also has updated the their App Maker platform to a more modern interface and updated pricing.

Houston, TX, September 14, 2016 --( For those who have a business or are in the market to build their own App may be interested to know that cloud based app making company, Rocket App Builder has made some significant changes.

First major change is a new look and design to their website. This change allows users to see firsthand the features in which Rocket App Builders platform offers along with visual examples. The app building platform itself has also made some recent changes including a more modern interface and additional templates to choose from. Pricing has also been adjusted to where there is no longer a submission fee to have your app published. Lastly, Rocket App Builder now has their very own Android and web-app App Store with pricing starting at $24/year.

These changes are definitely worth checking out on the company’s website at Rocket App Builder.
Rocket App Builder
Emily Bass