US Will Need Almost 1.13 Million Registered Nurses by 2021- Healthcare Staffing Market in US Research Report Says

A recent research published by Beige Market Intelligence “Healthcare Staffing Market in US – Strategic Assessment and Forecast till 2021” predicts the Healthcare Staffing Market in US to grow at a CAGR of approx 14% by 2021.

Bangalore, India, September 15, 2016 --( The report covers the present scenario and growth aspect of the Healthcare Staffing Market. The report outlines the major driving factors, emerging trends, challenges and key vendor analysis of the market.

Increased Demand of Registered Nurses – An Emerging Trend in Healthcare Staffing Market in US

The healthcare industry in the US is witnessing a shortage of nurses in the country. Despite the fact that the registered nurses are among the single largest healthcare professionals in the country, the vacancy rate for registered nurses is growing. In 2015, the vacancy rate is more than 7%.

About 55% of the overall nursing workforce, currently in service, in the US, is above 50 years of age. This significant number of nurses are getting retired over the next few years. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 520,000 nurses will be retiring over the forecast year.

Considering the numbers of registered nurses retiring during this period it is expected that the US will need about 1.13 million registered nurses during the forecast period. - The analysts at Beige Market Intelligence say.

The demand for registered nurses is expected to grow over 18% over the next few years. Industry participants agree that filling jobs opening for registered nurses is one of the toughest jobs to fill currently.

Furthermore, the overall nurse employment is also to increase from 2 million in 2012 to approx. 3 million by 2022. The projected number of new registered nurse job creation in this duration will cross 570,000.

The top US states where the demand for registered nurses will grow till 2021 are Texas, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and Montana. There are over 30 states that will witness 15% growth in the demand for registered nurses at the same time. Out of overall demand for these nurses, those states which will together account for about 50% of the overall job growth are: Texas, California, Florida, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

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