Ambitious Data Scraping Startup Has Been Launched in USA

CrawlerGo is a newly launched project aimed to help individuals, digital agencies, startups and other business units to collect, monitor and track content from hundreds of websites at a maximum scale and speed.

New York, NY, September 15, 2016 --( Web development enthusiasts have recently launched a startup project based on web crawling/scraping service provision for the USA market.

As a result of big data provided on the Web, the startup named CrawlerGo is intended to assist companies and individuals in collecting, monitoring and tracking content from hundreds of websites around the Internet.

The technology within CrawlerGo service is capable of collecting information to thoroughly extracted and structured format within user-friendly web interface developed for the end client.

"The employment of the service is enormous," says one of CrawlerGo co-founders. "Imagine an e-shop that pays lots of attention for competitor product price analysis. Usually, the analysis would be handled manually, which significantly increases time and financial costs. On the contrary, CrawlerGo is capable of performing these tasks automatically. So the next time this e-shop would like to change it’s product pricing in accordance to the market competition - it’ll have all the data updated on real-time basis."

Moreover, the startup may benefit financial, real-estate, digital marketing, media and many other sectors on demand. Any business unit may gain a significant advantage by receiving massive data packages that may be used for reputation management, contact gathering, up to date news and variety of other purposes.

Despite CrawlerGo service capacity and wide availability, its developers bring one of the core focus on consumer specifically. All the data scraped from number of websites is placed within high-availability database and is presented through fully responsive web interface. For maximum convenience, the client may schedule the extraction himself and receive it in any of these formats: XML, CSV, JSON, XLS, HTML, PDF.

CrawlerGo service is already on the run and is available for the use. Consultations in regard the service may be provided straight after an inquiry form is submitted at CrawlerGo official website.
Judy Malson