ECT Helps KCOM Transform Services

Enterprise communications and IT services provider KCOM has chosen ECT to supply its Next-Generation Intelligent Network. ECT is currently migrating services from diverse legacy platforms to the new solution which has already been commissioned. KCOM also plans to offer a range of cloud services using the service applications of ECT.

Munich, Germany, September 15, 2016 --( KCOM, a leading provider of communications, applications and integration services to the UK enterprise market, has chosen ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG), a vendor of complete solutions for value-added services in the voice and multimedia domain, as the supplier of the technology for its intelligent voice services.

ECT has implemented a full suite of products and applications which will enable KCOM to offer cloud-based value-added services over next-generation switching technology as well as over the Internet via WebRTC. KCOM has also entrusted ECT with the migration of services from several legacy silo solutions to next-generation technology architecture.

“The ECT solution is one of the key foundation blocks of the next-generation network evolution we are implementing. It is fundamental to our network transformation plans, which are already realising new and advanced products and propositions for our customers,” said Sean Royce, Executive Vice President for Technology, Service and Operations at KCOM.

Francine Kavesh, the managing director of ECT’s UK subsidiary, explains, “ECT and KCOM are really a perfect fit. I am delighted that we are able to assist KCOM with the migration of its current services to next-generation technology and am looking forward to many new and exciting services to be launched in the course of our partnership.”

About the INtellECT® Next-Generation Intelligent Network and Service Delivery Platform:

ECT has helped and is helping many service providers worldwide with intelligent network and VAS migration to IMS and LTE. Service providers phasing out their switched networks use an INtellECT® Service Delivery Platform (SDP) to cross connect and orchestrate VAS over the various legacy and next-generation network technologies.

For over 15 years, major European mobile and broadband carriers have utilized the INtellECT® Platform as the basis for value-added services in legacy, IMS and VoLTE networks. Its proven architecture is based on industry standard technology for virtualization: all components, including the Application Servers (AS), Media Servers (MFR), Oracle Database Solutions and Web Servers, are available virtualized on the basis of VMWare or OpenStack as well as virtualized network functionality (VNF).

There INtellECT® Platform supports a full array of complete service applications for mobile and broadband value-added services and there is also an INtellECT® Service Creation Environment (SCE) for communications service providers and third-party developers seeking to create and maintain their own valued-added services.

About the INtellECT® WebRTC Solution

At ECT, we provide everything you need to launch service applications with voice and video calling both via your next-generation network as well as via WebRTC. The INtellECT® WebRTC Solution of course provides a JavaScript API for voice and video calling via WebRTC as well as an optional registry. Moreover, WebRTC is integrated into our state-of-the-art applications for INtellECT® Virtual PBX and effECTive® Network-Based Contact Centers. You can offer these services immediately or quickly and easily launch new services via two unique service creation tools.

Our Visual Application Builder (VAB) is a browser-based graphical tool. Without deep programming knowledge, you can use the VAB to define new services using interactive voice and video response with ASR/TTS, PCI-compliant video and voice recording, intelligent queuing, call distribution, data read and write to any database available in the cloud, http(s) and SOAP/XML integration of web services, etc. The VAB also allows you to define and automatically generate a web user interface and/or Android app for the service. The interactive elements, like menus, prompts and data entry, are then realized not via voice, but rather visually on web pages. Your customer can still access the service via a phone with standard IVR, e.g. by dialing a geographical or service number. But he/she can use the web page or mobile app within the browser of his/her PC or smart device with voice/video communications via WebRTC.

The second, even more powerful service creation option is our comprehensive ECTXML® JavaScript Library. It allows programmers working within an HTML5 browser to define new services using one unified JavaScipt API for WebRTC as well as all the routing and media processing functions in your network, such as call rerouting and distribution, recording, conferencing, ASR/TTS and billing via Diameter.

With all these many options, we make it easy for you to realize commercial services with WebRTC.

About ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG):

At ECT, we develop technology for voice and multimedia value-added services based on our INtellECT® Next-Generation Intelligent Network and INtellECT® Service Delivery Platform. We help major carriers worldwide transform from legacy to next-generation networks, migrating legacy services from a myriad of platforms to one, multiservice, multi-country solution.

We have state-of-the art complete service applications such as effECTive® Network-Based Contact Centres, NTS, Televoting, Interactive Voice and Video Response as well as INtellECT® Virtual PBX, VPN, MEX, NP and Carrier Routing. Virtually all of our services are enhanced with WebRTC for voice, video conferencing and multimedia.

Founded in 1998, ECT is an unlisted German public company with its headquarters in Munich, Germany and wholly owned sales and service subsidiaries in England, France, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA.

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