Introducing the World’s First 2mm Wide Micro Neurosurgical Pattie

The introduction of the new x-ray detectable 2 x 20mm micro Delicot® is an exciting revolution for microsurgical tissue protection.

Salem, MA, September 15, 2016 --( American Surgical Company’s Delicot® product line has been a trusted component of microsurgery since its inception. As other manufacturers continue to provide a single solution that has not varied in over 50 years; ASC is proud to be the surgeon’s company, adapting various materials and characteristics for tissue protection to meet continually changing surgical procedures and techniques.

“I have been using Delicot® sponges for almost twenty years now. There is no doubt in my practice that the soft consistency and pliability of these sponges has fundamentally shaped the way that I do surgery. Protection of neural and vascular structures just cannot be done as effectively or safely when using thicker, stiffer sponges. Therefore, I have come to rely on Delicot® sponges as a critical element to intracranial surgery and spinal cord microsurgery.” – J.D. Day, M.D.

During complex surgical procedures in and around the Internal Auditory Canal, it is critical that protection and care is given to the facial nerves, Cranial Nerves VII and VIII. Standard size surgical patties are too large and cumbersome to provide adequate protection without impeding visibility in the operating field. The introduction of a 2 x 20mm micro pattie allows for the surgeon to successfully locate and protect the facial nerves aiding their surgical technique and reducing the possibility of complications for the patient.

Utilizing the trusted performance of ASC’s Delicot® material, the new 2 x 20mm micro Delicot® possesses market leading pliability and a low profile allowing for never before available protection of the facial nerves during complex surgical procedures in and around the Internal Auditory Canal. Developed in associated with leading neurosurgeons, the 2 x 20mm micro Delicot® is a continuation of ASC’s proud tradition of innovative solutions to the issue of tissue protection.

Additional information can be found at or at American Surgical Company’s YouTube page. Like all of ASC’s products, the new 2x20mm Micro Delicot® is proudly manufactured in Salem, Massachusetts.
American Surgical Company
Geoff Piasio