XBOSoft to Test Innovative Wireless Cycling Headset by VERTIX

With the recent addition of a wireless cycling headset to its collection of sports communication products, VERTIX has enlisted XBOSoft to perform testing and QA on the new device.

Reston, VA, September 16, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The Velo headset, Racer edition, offers safe, noise-blocking communication for both beginners and avid cyclists. The headset combines the latest in IoT and mobile technology, with safety and functionality at the forefront of its development. “The purpose of the headset is to provide a safe communication method,” says VERTIX CEO Philip Tan. “You can’t just take your hands off the handlebars to make a call about your mate’s whereabouts, and even the smallest distraction can cause a crash.”

“We chose XBOSoft to test our product because we know they will ensure that Velo is flawless, and therefore, safe,” adds Tan.

XBOSoft is happy to be working with VERTIX on the testing of a leading-edge product that also provides a strong value proposition for cyclists. Their QA process involves using the headset with different smartphones and simulating a variety of network conditions, to test for connectivity.

XBOSoft’s CEO, Philip Lew, raves about the noise cancellation feature, stating that wind noise reduction is exceptional. “I can talk among fellow cyclists that get ahead or fall behind the group and we can hear one another clearly.” He adds that the product is performing exceptionally well in both the formal test environment, and the real world.

Cyclists have received the product enthusiastically, and positive reviews have appeared in publications such as Shape Singapore magazine. Its lightweight build, 1.5 kilometer range, and 10 hours of battery life offer advantages to cyclists during training and races. It is one of the lightest and most secure intercoms in the world, and comes in at half the weight of the world’s lightest vented helmets.


VERTIX is a Singapore-based technology company that specializes in wireless communication products for sports and recreation. Their trademarked Cut-the-Noise technology has earned the company a positive reputation in global media. In addition to the new Velo headset, the VERTIX Raptor-i provides noise-blocking and hands-free communication for motorcyclists traveling upwards of 200kph. The product has been adopted by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, and both products are currently available in Australia, Italy, Southeast Asia, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the UK. They will soon be available in North America and other European nations.

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