NominoData LLC and Quavo Announce a Collaboration to Provide Due Diligence, Compliance and Risk Data for Financial Services

NominoData LLC and Quavo announce a collaboration to provide Due Diligence, Compliance and Risk Data for Financial Services. The unique combination of offerings will be featured at the ACAMS AML/Financial Crimes Conference taking place 9/26 to 9/28 in Las Vegas. NominoData is a featured exhibitor at the conference. Quavo is a certified PEGA partner.

Incline Village, NV, September 16, 2016 --( NominoData LLC and Quavo Inc. have agreed to collaborate in providing data information to financial institutions that are utilizing Quavo for the implementation of the PEGA KYC application and the P7 platform. Quavo is a certified PEGA partner.

The collaboration provides a unique combination of professional BPM services and application by enhancing the implementation with world-class data that is critical to due diligence and compliance regulations. The data sets include Global Negative News, Sanctions/Watch-lists and PEPS. This NextGen application affords the financial institution with exceptional value and flexibility to access and utilize data as an integral part of workflow.

This collaboration will be featured by NominoData at the ACAMS 15th Annual AML/Financial Crimes conference being held 9/26-28 in Las Vegas.

Richard Jefferson, CEO and Founder of Quavo said "Quavo strives to deliver PEGA based accelerators,applications and services around Know Your Customer,Know Your Vendor and Know Your Employee. By including data from NominoData we close the information gap divide often found in disparate technologies spread across the bank enterprise that inefficiently manages risk relevant data."

"Nominodata is excited to collaborate with Quavo to help them deliver PEGA applications in a form that includes access to world class data. The result is an effective and efficient design empowering the financial institution to address Know Your Customer requirements," added Rob Goldfinger President of NominoData.

NominoData is a solutions company formed to help clients with worldwide identity, compliance and risk management issues associate with modern day commerce. Our founders leverage their expertise in risk management,security and name recognition, and extraction into innovative and productivity boosting solutions that revolutionize their field.

Quavo is a company that is all about PEGA applications. The focus is financial services with pre-configured solutions in KYC/V/E, payment disputes and customer service. PEGA is an evolving "platform first" company into "application first" Quavo is on the forefront of that revolution.
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