New Edition of "Selfless Self" by Self-Realized Master, Ramakant Maharaj, Out Now

A new publication of "Selfless Self" is now available, in response to demand from readers who wish a copy of this book in "normal text" format.

San Francisco, CA, September 21, 2016 --( The latest edition of "Selfless Self" has just been published. While the content of this title remains unchanged, it can now be read just like an ordinary book, with normal text. The large fonts and bold capital letters have been completely removed. The editor, Ann Shaw, said, "The book is full of golden nuggets that were previously highlighted. Now, readers will be able to search and uncover all these hidden treasures anew, experiencing new Aha moments along the way!"

Recently, Maharaj reiterated the importance of the book to Admin, saying: "Whatever I have to convey in respect of spirituality, is conveyed through 'Selfless Self.'" Responses to 'Selfless Self' - which has been described as a "spiritual classic" by mature seekers, as well as from within Advaita circles - keep getting stronger and stronger. "I have never read anything that touched my heart the way this book does," said one, while another stated that even a paragraph or two can stop one's "dream" on the spot, saying, "The power of the Satguru's words is like a bomb that has been detonated and explodes the mirage of me-hood," commented Ann.

The cover of this latest edition bears a subtle picture of Maharaj merged with the sky. This image communicates one of the central teachings of both Maharaj and his Master, Nisargadatta, (with whom he spent nearly twenty years): "If you wish to compare yourself to something, compare yourself to sky. You are subtler than sky because sky is within you."

The book was published on 12 September 2016, a date that marks Ramakant Maharaj's first ever Satsang meeting in America, as well as outside of India.

Satsang is offered free of charge. "Knowledge is free," says the Master. "It is your knowledge, your right. So, how can you charge for something that is already yours?"

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This new publication can be purchased from Amazon, (ISBN 978-0995473454), 502pp.
Selfless Self
Ann Shaw