Mumbai and Bengaluru to Host Live Workshops of Supply and Demand Trading Expert Alfonso Moreno

Alfonso Moreno, widely known inside investor communities as the founder of Set & Forget supply and demand trading community, is all set to talk at length about Supply and Demand his stock trading strategy in India later this month.

Mumbai, India, September 21, 2016 --( Alfonso Moreno, the founder of Set and Forget trading community, is busy touring the world with his live workshops for stock traders. The eminent financial market analyst has Mumbai and Bengaluru, two major business hubs of India, as the next two destinations on his itinerary. Alfonso’s office confirmed that he will be in Mumbai on October 7th and in Bengaluru next October 14th, conducting live workshops for stock traders and the members of the extended community of investors.

Set & Forget management informed that Alfonso will mainly talk about how to trade like professional traders using exclusively Supply and Demand imbalances created by big investors. Though the live workshops are targeted at traders who are still in their full-time day jobs, the key takeaways are for all and sundry, they maintained.

Before flying to India with his entourage, Alfonso has already conducted a successful workshop in Singapore earlier in August.

Mr. Moreno appeared briefly before the press here in Singapore on the sidelines of his live workshop.

“Like in Singapore, I will talk at length in India about how to trade demand and supply imbalances. It’s a methodical and rule based strategy that every professional invariably follows. It’s kind of an insider secret, but everyone inside the investor communities around the world pretty much knows about it. My workshop in India will touch many aspects of stock trading, including this,” he told the press in Singapore.

This aside, Mr. Moreno will also discuss how to locate turning points in the stocks market using exclusively supply and demand imbalances, how to plan trades using those imbalances and lastly, how a trader can determine what specific kind of trader he is.

“My live workshops in Mumbai and Bengaluru will help traders develop their own trading plans,” he claimed.

Alfonso Moreno started his supply and demand trading community back in 2013, which has expanded steadily since then. Members of the trading community trade many things, and not just stocks.

Speaking about his upcoming live workshops to be held in India, Alfonso said, “I am excited and looking forward to speaking before Indian trading communities. I am sure the workshops will be full of interaction and meaningful conversations with investors over there.”

Alfonso Moreno is the founder of Set & Forget and a financial market analyst.

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