PodsystemM2M and Rewire Security Announce Deal to Connect Tiny Trackers Worldwide

Flexible data connectivity solution adds resilience to global tracking application.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, September 21, 2016 --(PR.com)-- PodsystemM2M, the expert in connectivity for the M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) industries and UK-based Rewire Security have signed a deal to incorporate global, multi-network SIM cards from PodsystemM2M into Rewire tracking devices, which include some of the smallest trackers in the world.

The Rewire 102 Magnetic Nano tracker is about the size of a matchbox and weighs just 40g including battery. Designed for a multitude of applications such as personal tracking, asset tracking and vehicle tracking just to name a few, it is small enough to be carried by a child or stuck to a bicycle without being noticed and yet it is powerful enough to send updates as often as every 10 seconds.

In addition to this tiny device, Rewire offers a range of tracking devices for every purpose, including rugged devices for covert use, hard-wired trackers for vehicle security and fleet management systems that can provide driver identification and driver behaviour monitoring using a 3D accelerometer.

The use of PodsystemM2M’s data connectivity solution adds an extra layer of reliability to the range of tracking devices supplied by Rewire Security. The SIM cards connect to multiple networks in each country according to the best signal available on device start-up. Thereafter they swap networks if signal is lost as devices move around. The use of multiple independent networks on the same SIM means that connectivity can be backed up and data re-routed through a completely separate infrastructure in the case of technical issues on the network.

Bilen Saribardak, founder and director of Rewire Security explained; “Reliable network coverage was fundamental to why we chose Podsystem over other M2M connectivity providers. The ability to tailor the connectivity requirements and data plans to suit our customers’ requirements was also key. The online platform with SMS gateway and complete SIM management capability means we can offer one of the UK’s most extensive range of GPS trackers that continue to evolve as technology develops without the need for time consuming and costly device replacements or manual upgrades.”

Charles Towers-Clark, Managing Director of Podsystem Group explained; “Our IoT connectivity solution has been designed to ensure extra resilience especially for remote, roaming and mission critical applications. This ensures that Rewire Security’s tracking devices which are in constant motion or roaming across borders remain connected, even in remote areas. The combination of PodsystemM2M’s multi-network SIM cards with additional back-up and Rewire’s extensive range of devices provides a reliable, flexible solution for consumers and businesses alike.”

About PodsystemM2M
As a division of Podsystem Group, we form part of an independent MVNO specializing in data connectivity solutions for the M2M and business travel sectors. At PodsystemM2M, we specialize in multi-network and multi-IMSI data solutions, offering reliable coverage worldwide, flexible pricing plans and 24 hour support with our team of M2M experts. For more information please visit our M2M website www.podsystemm2m.com

About Rewire Security
At Rewire Security we specialise in cutting edge innovative, cost effective GPS tracking, Body worn Cameras & Vehicle DVR CCTV Systems. Our solutions can be tailor made to suit individual private users, small, medium or large businesses and organisations. www.rewiresecurity.co.uk

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