Royal Wins to Launch Real Money Kash Karnival

Royal Wins to Launch Real Money Skill Gaming Version, Set for 2017 Release.

Sydney, Australia, September 22, 2016 --( Royal Wins has been at the forefront of the introduction of skill gaming to the casino industry with their mobile skill casino app, the Kash Karnival.

Royal Wins emphasises the notion that millennials are losing interest in traditional casinos and gambling formats due to the unchanged, un-innovative and un-entertaining nature of current chance-based gambling games. Introducing skill gaming offers experiences that millennials can relate to and enjoy and reintroduce them back into the casinos to be able to bet, win and bank on their skills.

Currently, the Kash Karnival remains a social casino and, as such, players cannot win any real money. However, it has a unique reward structure in place - the game allows players to “cash-in” their winnings for real items such as fashion, electronics, homeware, sporting goods, amongst others. The Kash Karnival is a freemium app where players can elect to buy more in-game coins to place bigger bets and win more based on their skill.

Since launching the Kash Karnival social casino version in 2014, the company’s success in attracting and converting millennials has been growing steadily. Royal Wins now wants to further expand its offering by making a foray into real money gaming. “With the success of our social casino, we now have enough confidence and customer data to take this next logical step towards a real money version,” says Digital Marketing Strategist, Michael Moretti. “Although a skill gaming social casino does enhance the gambling experience, to truly be a casino game players should be able to profit monetarily from their skill gaming wins. They need to win money. Players who enjoy the risk of gambling are much more enticed by monetary reimbursement. Now skill players can enjoy the same risk reward."

The real money version of the Kash Karnival will allow users to cash-out the winnings for real cash through a novel new feature called “Pixels Kash Out.” Pixels Kash Out allows skill gamers to safely bet on skill games and to cash-out their winnings securely at any time of their choosing to their nominated bank accounts. This will once again be a world’s first in innovating on real money skill casino games.

“We have always intended to migrate into the real money environment,” says Creative Director, Myles Blasonato. “Starting as a social casino presented the best opportunity to develop, test and refine the systems for skill gaming RTP. We are now ready to tackle bigger and better things.”

The new real money Kash Karnival is expected to be released in 2017 with a completely new version of the app allowing players the opportunity to collect money from the winnings they make in both skill games or casino games. This new Kash Karnival will most likely have tighter algorithms around Return-to-Player (RTP) formulas, but at last players will be able to bet and win real money with skill gaming.
Royal Wins
Michael Moretti