WebriQ Launches Its Web Content Management System 4.0

After three generations of a CMS System based on the LAMP stack, WebriQ now introduces it's Web Content Management System based on the JAM Stack. JAM stands for Javascript, API and Markdown.

Singapore, Singapore, September 22, 2016 --(PR.com)-- WebriQ, a cloud based SaaS software company is announcing today the launch of its fourth generation Web Content Management System. After having built three generations of LAMP stack CMS Systems, the company has switched gears and is introducing a Web CMS System based on the JAM Stack. The stack is based on Javascript, API's and Markdown. It uses a Static website generator to build the websites and it fully utilizes the Git workflow to make any changes to the code of the website.

The CMS platform is super fast and secure (through SSL certificates), can handle stunning UI/UX designs and gives you full control of all the elements of your website. Versioning and back-ups are secured. The platform is completely reliable and not hackable and scales without any additional server resources. The fact that you are not running a database, nor a web server makes the platform very cost effective in day to day operation and maintenance.

"I am very excited to introduce this technology to the web development and the web design marketplace," said Philippe Bodart, CEO of WebriQ. The initial websites created in the marketplace were so called "Static," as they contained only HTML. With the evolution of technologies, delivering Static websites with the same functionality and features as dynamic sites is now possible. Static sites are much easier and cost effective to build, update and maintain than any other Wordpress CMS site. The missing link, which is an on-line CMS system to update the content on your Static Website in continuous deployment is no longer a blocking factor, Philippe Bodart added.

WebriQ started provisioning customers on it's platform earlier this month, and is working diligently to attract private companies, web agencies and web developers to it's platform.

You can visit them at WebriQ (www.webriq.com), and you can sign up for a free account (http://app.webriq.com).
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Danielle Smal