On-Time Cable CEO, Donald Chew Set to Make Big Move

Donald Chew is ready to deliver the MOTI device, On-Time Communications' streaming cable device that will provide customers with the best customer service experience. He plans on allowing a minimum of one million households to try the device.

Cape Coral, FL, September 22, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Over the past year, On-Time has been stating that its been working on a way to enter the cable TV market. Beginning today, On-Time CEO, Donald Chew said his company will allow a minimum of one million customers to try it's MOTI device.

On-Time’s device "MOTI” is universal, will work with any TV. It's also wireless and all you need is an internet connection. The secret ingredient on this device is one button. The enhanced version of the device will have more features and will work outside the U.S. No wires, no plug and play, no more installers, and will work on all TV’s On-Time introduced earlier this year. To get people using the device, On-Time said they will offer the device only on it’s website and will allow one million customers to try the device for 45 days. "It's all in the device, and it's a common sense approach and customers just have to try it," On-Time CEO Donald Chew, said in a meeting that they can do just that by going to their new website at www.motinow.com.

The new device will come in two colors, black or white. It mostly looks like a remote. For instance, they all have the familiar buttons as seen on most. But they also come with touch-specific features, including a special "button" that lets you communicate in voice or text with customer service.

On-Time CEO Donald Chew’s vision is to offer customers not only a new choice in a pay tv company, but a reasonable choice that fits them. On-Time has developed a solution to solve a huge problem in the industry, and in the process created a platform for the future of cable. As monopolies continue to dominate the market, On-Time simply wants to get a foot in the door and ensure its device will get used. So the way to let customers know that we are serious and want their business is to let them see a different experience for themselves and try the MOTI.

On-Time wants frustrated cable tv customers want to be appreciated the old-fashioned way. The current landscape of the industry does not provide that for them, "So what do they have to lose by giving us a try?" Chew said.

On-Time CEO, Donald Chew states, “Our focus is to take the currently frustrated cable tv customer, and provide them with an experience with us that will make them extremely happy and then they will help spread the word. That experience for them will be the MOTI device, that they will try for 45 days, and our hopes are to convert those customers that take advantage of the trial into paying customers. The customers who choose to become paying customers will be able to keep the MOTI device for free plus choose from 3 plans, all under $100 per month. It is my job to make sure that we maintain the relationship as we want the customers to grow with us."

Finally, Chew states that he has truly enjoyed building this company. Chew also went on to say “First, we have to get this device into the hands of potential customers. There have been and will continue to be some restless nights and more to come, but states he is up for the challenge. There are some much larger companies out there with much bigger bank accounts or financial backing, as we are private and unknown at this point, we have to provide the best customer service out there. The funds that are being raised by selling this device are being reinvested back into the company to meet the programming and distribution requirements."

Chew, stated that this venture is special and wants the customer to see that as well, and is upbeat about the direction and the future of the company. Donald Chew has previously served as CEO of several companies Lifting Possibilities, Inc., ReAssurance Health, Inc., and Donald Chew and Associates which he started when he was only 19 years old.
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