CiSe Lawn Aerator Shoes Set is Among the Top Selling Products on Kiserena’s Product List

Both the company and the customers are happy with the successful selling of Kiserena’s CiSe Lawn Aerator Shoes.

South Riding, VA, September 23, 2016 --( Kiserena has been acquiring so much success on their products nowadays by joining the list of top-selling products among others. Their CiSe Lawn Aerator Shoes set, particularly, is among the products with a high selling rating on their list. According to the company, this is an achievement that gives them inspiration and drive in making their products more and more reliable. The company reveals how these aerator sandals are selling well and its current ranking in its category on Amazon proves it.

William Cheng, the co-founder of Kiserena had this to say regarding their report, "It is a great feeling to know that Amazon shoppers give their trust on us by purchasing our products. We have received even multiple orders of the aerator shoes. At the moment, we are very thankful to all our customers for their support that gives us courage to continue and become better."

Available all over the USA, the lawn shoes are packed with special features to make aerating the lawn easy and convenient. Created using the highest quality materials that the company can source, CiSe Lawn Aerator Shoes are heavy duty and would last extensively. Moreover, these lawn aerators fit most any size of regular shoes or boots.

These lawn shoes ( can be used simply by attaching the spikes to the molded plastic bases, strapping onto regular shoes, and finally walking on the lawn. Each aerator sandal has 13 two-inch steel spikes which make open-air passages down into the soil to let liquid, air and fertilizers reach the roots for a healthier lawn.

Now, both the company and the customers are pleased with these aerator shoes. Kiserena has also promised to continue to provide quality products and excellent customer service. They have also talked about offering more promotions soon in return for their trust and support on their products.

About Kiserena LLC

Kiserena LLC ( is dedicated to finding and offering top quality items that are sought-after and appealing. The items currently offered include the CiSe Lawn Aerator Shoes which are available exclusively on Amazon. The company has established itself as a brand known for a commitment to provide thoughtful, top-quality and intuitively designed products.
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