MartinCSI Receives 2016 Ignition Firebrand Award

Ignition, an industrial software platform, by Inductive Automation, has selected MartinCSI as a recipient for their 2016 Ignition Firebrand Award.

Columbus, OH, September 24, 2016 --( The Firebrand award is given to only six companies from around the globe who have developed “the most exceptional real-world Ignition applications.” Todd Ebright, a staff engineer for MartinCSI, worked closely with Guild Associates (Dublin, OH) on developing a water purification training simulator for the United States Army using the Ignition platform.

As an award winner, Todd Ebright and other representatives from MartinCSI attended the Ignition Community Conference (ICC) in Folsom, California, to receive the award and view the project highlighted in Ignition’s Discover Gallery.

“Not too often, do you get a project that has the scope of work such as this one. With the Ignition platform, MartinCSI was able to fulfill the client’s wants and needs with its extensive software package. With very little programming restrictions, we were able to develop a robust and astonishing application that will help provide support for the United States Army for many years. It is an honor for MartinCSI to receive the Firebrand Award, and to be a part of such a great project,” added Todd Ebright.

Travis Cox, co-director of sales engineering at Inductive Automation also noted. “MartinCSI’s innovative project exemplifies the range of possibilities with Ignition. It was quite unique for someone to use Ignition as simulation software. We were very impressed with the level of professionalism MartinCSI showed in creating this, with the graphics and the animation, and the amount of work that MartinCSI did. The people there really took the time to make the simulation as accurate as possible.”

About MartinCSI:
MartinCSI is an engineering services company focused on the design and integration of industrial control systems. MartinCSI’s services include electrical engineering design, implementation, documentation and support services for motion controls, vision, HMIs, process controls, data collection and upgrades of legacy systems. Founded in 1988, MartinCSI serves clients in a broad range of manufacturing and process facilities including automotive, pharmaceutical, OEM, and food and beverage packaging plants throughout the Midwest and southeastern United States. MartinCSI has been a CSIA Member since 1997 and has continuously maintained CSIA certification since 2002. For additional information about MartinCSI’s services, certifications or company contacts, call (614) 761-5600 or visit

About Guild Associates:
Guild Associates is a world-class expert in diverse areas such as adsorption (both materials and processes), catalysts, and biotechnology sensors. We have a proven history of executing basic research and then delivering products that practically and efficiently utilize that research to solve difficult problems. For the military, Guild Associates is focused on improving the life of the warfighter. Guild Associates' products protect warfighters from chemical and biological warfare agents, efficiently launder their clothes wherever they are deployed, and enable Mortuary Affairs to respectfully preserve the remains of those who make the ultimate sacrifice. For additional information about Guild Associates services, visit
Laura Mann